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Bonaventura Talks G.I. Joe October 29, 2008 7:28 pm

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G.I. Joe executive producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura tells MTV that things are “looking really good” for the Stephen Sommers directed live-action film G.I. Joe: Rise of the Cobra, which is now in post-production.

“There is going to be two or three really large sequences in it that are really going to blow people away,” revealed di Bonaventura, who also produces the “Transformers” series. “But I think that, more than anything, what differentiates it from a lot of these big movies is that there are eight or nine very well-drawn characters.”

Bonaventura adds that it will be the relationships between the various characters that will take the film into the next level:

“The cross-pollination of these relationships from the comic book is so wild that you really have fully-developed characters in a popcorn movie,” he insisted. “You don’t often get that [complexity] in the eight and ninth character down.”

He also promises that the film will be accessible both to the hard-core fans and the casual general audience that is oh so important when it comes to box office success: “I think the core fan base that read the comic book and watched the animated shows are going to feel like we really honored their experience”.

Source: MTV

G.I. Joe: Rise of the Cobra hits theaters on August 7, 2009.


Comic-Con 2008: Hasbro’s “G.I Joe: Rise of the Cobra” Panel July 24, 2008 6:29 pm

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Hasbro Toys today hosted a panel at Comic-Con to talk about their plans for their upcoming film slate.  Hasbro talked extensively about their next live-action film G.I Joe: Rise of the Cobra and other projects related to the movie, including a new animated web-series.  Here are some highlights courtesy ComingSoon.net:

Before talking about the feature film, footage was screened from an upcoming animated web-series inspired by the ’80s cartoon series and the long-running Marvel comics. Tilted “G.I. Joe: Resolute,” the series is planned as a 60-minute movie, split into five-minute segments to air first on the web and to later be collected on DVD.

Moving on to the live-action Joe, film consultant Larry Hama (who also has a cameo as a General) talked about how he came onboard to maintain the feeling of his famous comic book run. Of Hama’s involvement, producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura laughed saying, “We wanted to have Snake Eyes say one line. He made sure we didn’t.” This, of course, was met with much applause from the audience.

Lorenzo then went through some images of the cast (the same that we previously released), talking a little about each character’s personal history, revealing that when the film begins, none of the characters are Joes and are enlisted through the course of the plot.  More from ComingSoon.net on that aspect:

  • Duke and Baroness were paired together on-screen as their history is one of the major relationships of the film. Once engaged, Duke left the Baroness at the altar and they now find themselves on opposite sides of the battle.
  • Marlon Wayans (who was cast because of his performance in Requiem for a Dream) has a humorous relationship with Scarlett who is completely oblivious to his advances. Lorenzo stressed, though, that it was important to have a dramatic side as well, especially since it becomes a triangle with Snake Eyes.
  • Storm Shadow and Snake Eyes are featured in the film early-on as ten-year old kids, exploring their rivalry from a very early age.
  • A few stills were shown, including one of the epic-looking MARS base set in the arctic. Lorenzo promised action on a global scale as the film has a larger budget than the first Transformers. De Santos explained that there are only four big action scenes but that we’ll all be blown away by exactly how big they are.

IGN also has a gallery of the character photos, which you can check out at this link.

Movie Posters: The Day the Earth Stood Still, Dragonball, G.I. Joe, The Clone Wars, ‘Harry Potter’, Watchmen and Benjamin Button June 25, 2008 6:56 pm

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A whole slew of movie posters have popped up online, courtesy the on-going Cinema EXPO in Amsterdam.  In the latest crop, we got new posters for The Day the Earth Stood Still (pictured right), Dragonball, G.I. Joe: Rise of the Cobra, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Harry Potter: And the Half-Blood Prince, Watchmen and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.  Check them all out after the jump.


G.I. Joe Titled — “G.I. Joe: Rise of the Cobra” + New Poster June 23, 2008 2:51 pm

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Looks like we’ve got the official title of the upcoming live-action adaptation of G.I. Joe.  During the Cinema EXPO in Amsterdam, Netherlands (which kicked off today) a new poster for Paramount Pictures’ G.I. Joe movie was spotted.  The poster features Channing Tatum as Duke, and reaveals that the full title of the movie is G.I. Joe: Rise of the Cobra. Click through the jump to check it out.

The movie will be a modern telling of the “G.I. Joe vs. Cobra” storyline and its compelling characters that Hasbro created 25 years ago. The premise of this fantasy is the story of the G.I. Joe team, led by Duke, and their “fight for freedom wherever there is trouble” against the evil Cobra Commander and his Cobra force. This storyline was an instant hit with kids in the early 1980s, spawning a highly popular 3-3/4-inch action figure line, comic book collection and animated series. The G.I. Joe team will not be based in Brussels. Instead, they will be based out of the “Pit” as they were throughout the 1980s comic book series. And, in keeping with the G.I. Joe vs. Cobra fantasy, the movie will feature characters and locations from around the world. Duke, the lead character and head of the G.I. Joe team, will embody the values of bravery and heroism that the first generation of G.I. Joe figures established.

G.I. Joe: Rise of the Cobra hits theaters on August 7, 2009