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Details Surface on “X-Files 2” Storyline November 30, 2007 4:35 pm

Posted by Rosario T. Calabria in Movies, News, X-Files, X-Files 2.

With casting underway on the upcoming unititled X-Files sequel, some details have surfaced about what the film will be about.

Mild spoilers follow.

From Moviehole.net:

The E.T offered me limited details in exchange for a bit of ass hair, I obliged. So now I can tell you … that the new film will feature mostly new characters – because Mulder and Scully are still on the run, so it’s whoever they bump into on their new travels, in their new locale. But more so, it’s a return to basics…. Centering on alien abductions.

Set in a non-descript town, “XF2” opens with an investigation into an alleged Frankenstein-type named Dr. Donarra. According to a former patient, the man’s a nutter – he keeps foetuses in a jar, and toys with the organs of extra terrestrials. But according to the doc, he’s merely “working hard to prevent children with non-survivable birth defects”.

Be sure to follow the link to the source for more information.

Source: Moviehole.net



1. CGB Spender - December 1, 2007 9:53 pm

I find that hard to believe, given that a scenario exactly like that has already been in an X-Files episode. During season 8 when Scully is still pregnant, her doctor, Dr. Parenti says quote “I’m working to prevent children from being born with non-survivable birth defects.” In these season 8 episodes, the Zeus Genetics Labs has rooms filled with defective foetuses. Internet Movie Database also claims in thier plot synopsis of the new movie that it will have nothing to do with aliens

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