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Farrelly Brothers Moving Forward With Three Stooges Project November 11, 2008 2:10 pm

Posted by Rosario T. Calabria in Movies, News, The Three Stooges.
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threestooges-111108MGM has revived Peter and Bobby Farrelly’s Three Stooges project and have set a November 20, 2009 release date for the film.  That puts the film up against Sherlock Holmes, the animated film Planet 51 and Old Dogs.  According to Variety, the $45 million comedy will be either PG or PG-13 and feature the slap-happy comedy that was prevalent in the Stooges shorts:

“It’s not a biopic. It takes place in present day, and they look, dress and sound exactly like the Stooges,” Peter Farrelly told Daily Variety. “When the economy started turning, we felt like the world could use a Stooges slapfest. Bobby and I haven’t done a real physical comedy in a while, and it’s the most exciting thing we could think of now, to have people go to the movie, see some great slapstick fun family humor.”

“We know this is extremely difficult to pull off; we realize some Stooges fans will be upset no matter what we do,” Farrelly said. “We love the Stooges and honor their memory, and we don’t want them to disappear. We hope that next Thanksgiving, dads will introduce their kids to the Stooges and create a new generation of knuckleheads.”

Source: Variety