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Comic-Con 2008: “My Bloody Valentine 3-D” Poster July 26, 2008 4:20 pm

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ShockTillYouDrop.com took a quick snapshot of the poster for Lionsgate’s Bloody Valentine.  Check it out below (click to enlarge).


Comic-Con 2008: “The Simpsons” Panel July 26, 2008 3:47 pm

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After a preview for Treehouse of Horror XIX (which features a homage to Peanuts) the panel for The Simpsons went straight into audience questions.  Here are the highlights courtesy TV Squad.

  • Guest stars that will be appearing on the show’s 20th season include Dennis Leary in the second episode and Seth Rogan will also star and write an episode to air later in the season.
  • Al Jean, responding to a question about whether there will be another movie, said that a script would have to be really right in order to create another one.
  • Matt says he’s amazed that none of the other major networks have stepped up like Fox to produce smart animated fare, though is glad that the cable nets have picked up the slack.
  • When asked where the writers get their jokes, Groening deadpanned “Family Guy“. After the applause died down, Al Jean responded that some of the jokes come from personal experiences.

Comic-Con 2008: “Futurama” Panel + ‘Bender’s Game’ Release Date July 26, 2008 3:45 pm

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Due to time constraints, the panel for Futurama was strictly focused on questions from the audience.  Here are the highlights courtesy TV Squad.

  • The primary voice cast: Billy West, Katey Sagal, and John DiMaggio as well as creators Matt Groening and David X. Cohen, were in attendance.
  • Matt and David both said that they had the entire story of Futurama planned before the show began.  They didn’t know where the show would go, but they still have plenty of secrets to reveal via the DVD’s.
  • Responding to a question on how the time code was created for the first Futurama DVD, Cohen responded: “If it wasn’t obvious to you then you should be ashamed of yourself,” said David. More seriously, David said that the code was the same in the mirror as it was when read properly on Bender’s rear end.
  • The Fry-Leela relationship will be revisited during the 4th DVD and there may be some kissing.
  • Guest appearances for the upcoming DVDs: George Takei and Rich Little in the third DVD and Snoop Dogg and Penn Gillette in the fourth DVD.

Fox also showed some footage of the upcoming DVD “‘Bender’s Game’ and the movie has been dated for release on DVD and Blu-ray Hi-Def on November 4, 2008.  Check out promotional art below courtesy /Film (click to enlarge).

Comic-Con 2008: MIB Producer Attached to “Spooks” July 26, 2008 3:07 pm

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ShockTillYouDrop.com is reporting that producer Barry Josephson is attached to a live-action adaptation of the Devil’s Due comic book Spooks. Click here for more details.

Comic-Con 2008: Is Lexi Alexander Off “The Punisher: War Zone”? July 26, 2008 2:45 pm

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A rumor is circulating out of Comic-Con that Lionsgate/Marvel have kicked director Lexi Alexander off of “The Punisher: War Zone”.  The movie has concluded filming, but according to /Film, there are apparently huge creative differences between the director and studio over the final cut.  AICN also reports that the film’s composer is off the project.

Comic-Con 2008: “Stargate Atlantis” Panel July 26, 2008 1:40 pm

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Here are some highlights, courtesy TV Squad, of the Comic-Con panel for the SCI FI series Stargate Atlantis:

  • Flanigan was the only original cast member of Atlantis at the panel.  Flanigan talked about how his character has evolved over the last five seasons. He use to do many things solo in the beginning, but now he’s a team player, he says.
  • Plenty of jokes to go around.
  • Jewel Staite answered a question about her most difficult show to film to date, saying it was the season four episode “Tracker”.
  • Picardo named an upcoming episode, “Inquisition”, because his character has nearly 10 pages of straight dialougue to go through.
  • Writer Brad Wright responded a question about whether there would be any romance between Sheppard and Teyla by saying that they have a unique relationship and it will be explored more this year.

Comic-Con 2008: More On “Watchmen” and Zack Snyder July 26, 2008 1:20 pm

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Here are a few more details on the Watchmen film relayed via the various panels going on at Comic-Con.

  • At the panel for Watchmen, Snyder expressed his love of Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns graphic novel and said this: “There are a lot of other graphic novels out there, but I would love to see Frank Miller’s Dark Knight made into a movie, but that’s just me.”
  • He continued that line of thought while at the Entertainment Weekly Visionaries panel, where Frank Miller told Snyder: “You can do it anytime you want to Zack”.  Snyder said he was making a note of Miller’s response.

Here’s a bit on the length/editing issue:

  • Speaking at the Entertainment Weekly Visionaries session, Zack Snyder revealed that they’ve filmed the transitions featured in the graphic novel that take the main storyline into the Freighter comic and that though they won’t be part of the theatrical cut, they’ll show up in a future director’s cut (presumably on DVD).
  • When asked about the running time debate, Snyder said the following: “I want to make the best movie I can. I want to put pressure on myself as a filmmaker and say, ‘What’s the coolest movie?’ And if the coolest movie is 3-hours long then that’s the coolest movie. I understand and respect my partners at Warner Bros. I want them to have financial success with the film. You know, when you look at it that way, they invested a lot of money into it, they want it to be good. But on the other hand, I would tell them that I think the very things they think are too long, or too violent, or too sexy are the very reasons to go to the movie.”
  • Snyder also noted that since the film’s release, the graphic novel has moved up on the Amazon charts: “[The graphic novel] is #1 or #2 on Amazon right now, and that’s awesome. I think that if in the end the movie is a 3-hour advertisement for the book, then so be it. I succeeded.”

Rounding out the Watchmen coverage, Snyder responded to a question about the recently announced Watchmen videogames, assuring the audience that care will go in to making them:

We had quite a back and fourth about that. They sent me a script for it. This is the dorkiest thing I’ve ever seen in my life, and it’s not cool at all. And it had nothing to do with Watchmen. We tried to rewrite it. We tried to come up with an idea where you like kill Woodward and Bernstein. We tried to go down those kind of routes and do something more subversive. A dialogue needs to be established between filmmakers and game producers. It’s not marketing; it can’t be an afterthought.

Comic-Con 2008: “Mystery Science Theater” DVD Announced July 26, 2008 11:10 am

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Shout! Factory has announced that they are releasing a special 20th Anniversary Edition DVD set of Mystery Science Theater on October 28th.  The set will include four never-before-released movies: Laserblast, First Space on Venus, Werewolf, and Future War.  The announcement was made at Comic-Con and Shout! says they intend to release several more boxsets of the series.

Order it today at this link.

Source: TV Squad

Comic-Con 2008: Release Date for “Whiteout” Confirmed July 26, 2008 11:00 am

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Warner Bros. Pictures has set a release date for its adaptation of Greg Rucka’s graphic novel WhiteoutShockTillYouDrop.com is reporting that the film will be released in theaters on April 24, 2009.

Comic-Con 2008: Kevin Smith Talks Future Projects Plus MPAA Issues with ‘Zack and Miri’ July 26, 2008 8:15 am

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At Kevin Smith’s Comic-Con panel for Zack and Miri Make a Porno, the director talked publicly about the ratings troubles he’s been having with the MPAA.  Smith says that the film was initially given an NC-17 rating.  He made some edits and resubmitted it to the MPAA only to receive yet another NC-17 rating: “I’ve gone as far as I can go,” Smith said.  He’s now appealed the rating.  /Film writes that there are two specific scenes that the MPAA wants cut, one involves “thrusting” and the other involves acts that are “unspeakable”.  The appeal will take place on August 4th, after which if the NC-17 rating is withheld, Smith will have no choice but to make the necessary cuts as he’s contractually obligated to deliver an R-rated film.

Another thing that came out of his panel was that Smith revealed that he plans to make a film that “will test [his] abilities as a visual filmmaker.” All he’s revealed about the film is that it will be set in space.

Comic-Con 2008: “Stargate Continuum” Panel July 26, 2008 3:22 am

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There were several Stargate-related panels at Comic-Con, one of which was for the new direct-to-DVD movie, Stargate Continuum.  Brad Wright, Martin Wood, Richard Dean Anderson, Amanda Tapping, Ben Browder, Michael Shanks, Christopher Judge and Beau Bridges attended the panel. Here are some highlights courtesy TV Squad:

  • The audience was shown a trailer for the new movie.  This is the same trailer that was previously released.
  • Tapping revealed that they are currently filming on the eighth of 13 episodes of her new series Sanctuary.
  • Judge said he’s working on a new project and he’ll announce it in the near future.
  • Wright said that there will be another Stargate DVD movie and that it “looks good” for the Stargate Universe series.
  • They played a memorial to deceased actor Don S. Davis.

Stargate Continuum hits DVD and Blu-ray Hi-Def on Tuesday, July 29th.  Buy it now (DVD or Blu-ray).

Comic-Con 2008: “Star Wars: The Clone Wars” Extended Trailer July 25, 2008 11:55 pm

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The 4-minute clip of Star Wars: The Clone Wars was that screened at Comic-Con today is now available to view online.  Watch it in HD at this link.

Comic-Con 2008: “The Spirit” Panel July 25, 2008 11:34 pm

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At the panel today for The Spirit, director Frank Miller opened the proceedings, recalling the story of his long-running friendship with Will Eisner.  Highlights from the panel follow below courtesy ComingSoon.net:

  • Miller was joined by producer Deborah Del Prete, who talked about Miller’s vision of the project, saying The Spirit captured Eisner’s original intent if not matching the look exactly.
  • A trailer, the one already released, was screened for the audience.
  • Jackson joked with the audience about playing Nick Fury: “You know, when I was a kid,” he said, deadpan serious, “Nick Fury was a white man. I’m so glad he evolved into something that finally made sense to me.” “But don’t worry!” he promised, “You, too, can grow up to be a black man!”

Jaime King and Gabriel Macht joined the stage and the first bit of all-new footage was screened.  Here’s the summary:

This bit showed Eva Mendes as Sand Saref in a skin-tight wetsuit. She battles with the Octopus on the edge of the water and then dives underneath where she and a diver are trying to retrieve a sunken chest. They dodge bullets from the Octopus’ gun, though the diver is clipped in the arm. With the Octopus jumping in the water after them, the two swim and come to the surface inside some kind of darkened building. The diver says to Mendes, “It’s the Octopus. You know what he can do.”

She replies, “Shut up and bleed.”

Back to the panel highlights:

  • After the clip, Miller explained to the crowd that the scene was shot with a new kind of camera that allows for enough frames per-second to simulate the floating-effect of hair in water.  Miller told Mendes to “act like the Flash” so that her movements could be slowed down later.
  • Miller, speaking about the basic plot of the film as summarized by CS: Miller talked a bit about the basic plot of the film; Police officer Denny Colt is nearly killed by a bullet wound but awakens to find himself in “a new reality,” able to do things he couldn’t before. In addition to incredible endurance, Colt’s pheromones have been altered, causing mutual attraction between himself and any woman he meets. “A major part of the story is how tough he is and why’s he’s so tough,” offered Miller.

New clip:

Miller showed a clip of The Spirit with Sarah Paulson’s Ellen Dolan in an office. She comes on to him, telling him, “Keep the mask on. Something tells me it might be better that way.”

Ellen tells the Spirit, “But we don’t even know your real name.”

To that he responds, “I’ll tell you my real name,” just as a Detective shows up with an new assignment and a heavily Baltimore-accented sexy assistant. After they all leave together, Dolan furiously throws a scalpel into their exit door.

And one last clip:

The final clip features the Octopus battling the Spirit in sewage. Jackson hits him with a severed head, a cinderblock and then a giant wrench. The Spirit seems to get the upper for the moment, beating the Octopus into the brown water when the villain pops up again from out of nowhere and slams a toilet down on his foe. With the ring of the seat, stuck around the Spirit, the Octopus laughs uproariously.

Comic-Con 2008: CBS’s “The Big Bang Theory” Panel July 25, 2008 11:13 pm

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At the panel for the CBS comedy The Big Bang Theory, Chuck Lorre, co-creator Bill Prady and the entire cast (Johnny Galecki, Jim Parsons, Kaley Cuoco, Simon Helberg and Kunal Nayyar) were in attendance.  Here are the highlights courtesy TV Squad:

  • Lorre says that he never intended to make a show about nerds and geeks, but that his main intention was to air a show about remarkable people.
  • All the backgrounds of the major characters will be explored more fully in the upcoming season.
  • There will be some form of resolution in the Leonard and Penny situation that took place at the end of the first season.
  • Sara Gilbert will be returning for several episodes.
  • The cast said that they all receive complaints if they get something scientifically wrong, however they have a consultant that fact checks for them.
  • The characters on the show are all based on people Bill used to work with when he was a computer programmer.
  • There was a previous pilot for the show created for CBS, but according to Lorne “it sucked.” Because of the strong chemistry between Johnny and Jim, CBS gave them blessings for a re-shoot.

More from the panel, including what if anything makes the cast and crew a geek, can be read at TV Squad.

Comic-Con 2008: “The Wolfman” Panel July 25, 2008 10:59 pm

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Universal had their panel today for The Wolfman and the studio had Rick Baker and surprise guests Benicio Del Toro and Emily Booth on hand.  Here are the highlights from the panel courtesy ShockTillYouDrop.com:

  • They showed the trailer, STYD calls it “INCREDIBLE”, “Beautiful”: Very much in keeping with the old school Universal classic monster aesthetic. This puppy looks rated-R! There’s no shortage of torn throats, biting and exposed entrails! The teaser trailer is thick with atmosphere featuring a silhouette of the Wolfman running through a misty forest. We don’t get any close-ups of the hirsute beast, but we get shots of his legs (think The Howling) and clawed hands. He runs with a hunch, hands at his side.
  • Baker says that they haven’t filmed a transformation so it will likely be CGI.  He added that the film fully embraces practical FX and the trailer is indicative of that.

Here’s /Film’s summary of the trailer:

The footage began with the Universal Logo. Cut to a guy walking through the woods. He comes across something, scared, he drops his lantern and runs away. Voice over states “25 years ago my father found him”.

“He was tore to pieces and half eaten. Whatever did it was big, had claws” Village people see something and run away. We see a bottom shot of the Wolfman transforming in the dark woods, just a little back light. People are chasing after him with guns. “and we couldn’t kill it.” Shots of someone casting silver bullets. “He only came out during a full moon from then on.”

Lawrence Talbot, played by Benicio Del Toro returns home to his father Sir John, played by Anthony Hopkins. “Hello father…” A lot of quick cuts. Title credits showing Anthony Hopkins, Emily Blunt and Hugo Weaving’s characters. Blunt runs away from a house on fire. Someone gets pulled into a pit by the wolf man and is torn apart, blood spraying everywhere. Del Toro finds himself in ripped and bloodied clothes. Hopkins says to him, “You’ve done terrible things… Be strong.” Another bunch of quick cuts, the Wolfman throws someone through a window. A bunch of footage of The Wolfman running around. “I am what they say I am, I’m a monster.” And the trailer ended with Weaving declaring “God Help Us!

Comic-Con 2008: “Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time” July 25, 2008 10:51 pm

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Prince of Persia creator Jordan Mechner spoke to Con-goers today in San Diego about the movie based on the Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time game.  Here are the highlights courtesy ComingSoon.net:

  • Mechner told CS that at a time he was mulling over an animated feature film of the property, but when Disney/Bruckheimer expressed interest in a big budget summer film, the offer was “too hard to resist”.
  • Mechner, who wrote the screenplay and is an executive producer for the film said that character development was a key for the movie: “You want to be taken on an emotional journey,” he said. “You want to care about the characters.”
  • He said it wasn’t practical for the film for the Prince to remain nameless.  His name, Dastan, was chosen because it is the Persian word for ‘trickster’.
  • The script is based soley on the Sands of Time game.

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time hits theaters on June 19, 2009.

Comic-Con 2008: “Resident Evil: Degeneration” Trailer July 25, 2008 10:44 pm

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Sony Pictures has unveiled the full trailer for their upcoming CG-animated Resident Evil: Degeneration DVD.  Watch it in HD at this link, or watch it embedded after the jump.


Comic-Con 2008: NBC’s Videos of the “Knight Rider” and “Kings” Panels July 25, 2008 10:39 pm

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NBC has put up videos of today’s panels for Kings and Knight Rider.  Check them out at the links below.

They’ve also put up a new video preview for Knight Rider, which you can check out at this link.

Kings Panel

Knight Rider Panel

Comic-Con 2008: “Watchmen” Panel July 25, 2008 10:33 pm

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Warner Bros. panel for Watchmen was moderated by Jeff Jensen of Entertainment Weekly.  In attendance were Malin Ackerman (Silk Spectre), , Billy Crudup (Dr. Manhattan), Matthew Goode (Ozymandias), Carla Gugino (Sally Jupiter), Jackie Earle Haley (Rorschach), Jeffrey Dean Morgan (The Comedian), Patrick Wilson (Night Owl).  Co-creator of the graphic novel Dave Gibbons was also in attendance as was director Zack Snyder. Here are the panel highlights courtesy. Here are the panel highlights courtesy SuperHeroHype.com:

  • Before the panel starts, SHH notes that they were told by Carla Gugino that Zack Snyder created a special title sequence for the start of the movie that’s not in the original Moore-Gibbons graphic novel.  It was created to show the passage of time fromthe early days of the Minutemen to where they are in the film.
  • Snyder recapped how the project came to be.  He was contacted by WB.  He felt that if he didn’t say yes, the project would ahve been done poorly by someone else.
  • He says the cast and crew have all remained as consistent to the book and characters as possible.
  • Gibbons talked about being on the set and was excited: It was like “being a kid at Christmas”.
  • Asked about Alan Moore (who is notoriously against any of his material being translated to the big screen), Gibons said: “I wish that Alan could have the same sort of excitement and experience that I have.”

They screened a few clips, here are SHH’s summary of what was shown:

Okay, no full frontal nudity, but it starts with Manhattan blowing up guys in Vietnam as promised, really blowing them up into atoms. That’s followed by an image of the Comedian’s smiley face with a drop of blood splattered on it like the classic image from the comics. We see Rorschach walking into a room, which is the Comedian’s lair and we get to see the first images of the ink on his mask changing shapes. Next image is of Patrick Wilson as Dan Dreiberg (aka Night Owl but out of costume) sitting down with a lot of angst on his face (probably after finding out about the first deaths?) There is a scene with the Minutemen from the ’50s with the Comedian and Sally Jupiter in their early guises.

We see the formation of the palace on Mars which looks pretty amazing since it’s extended from the trailer, as well as an image of a watch as we see the early stages of Dr. Manhattan’s transformation. Another shot of the modern Silk Spectre unveiling the Owl Ship, pulling the covering from it. Lots more images of clocks and watches and more of Dr. Manhattan’s transformation, again from the trailer.

The next image was really cool, showing Nite Owl and Silk Spectre kissing from the dream sequence with the nuclear mushroom in the background… very cool, as well as a shot of President Nixon, The Comedian being slashed by his Vietnamese girlfriend/wife. A little bit of Matthew Goode’s Ozymandias, and some of Silk Spectre and Night Owl fighting crime. At this point, there are a lot of images that went by very fast, but essentially, it’s all stuff that’s in the comics with little bits of each of the characters. Rorshach looks very cool, though we never see him unmasked. There was no actual dialogue or narration in the clip reel as well as no titles, just some great scoring presumably by Tyler Bates and it all ends with the sequence of the Comedian being thrown out the window with the blood-splattered smiley face button following him, which looks amazing, just like the graphic novel. It looks great and hopefully they’ll shot it again!! (We love Zack for doing that for 300 a couple years ago.

Back to panel highlights:

  • Asked about whether the movie will be as dark as the book, Snyder said that is a reflection on “all of us” and that the movie is about “what is darkness?”.
  • Snyder said that they tried to incorporate all the supplemental material with no images into the movie.
  • Here’s what Jeffrey Dean Morgan had to say about playing the Comdian:”There were days that I got home from work and I’d be in a daze. He does some particular things that I wouldn’t naturally do as a person, but like Dan’s character, we all pull for the Comedian.” (big laugh) “Every day was a challenge. I found getting into the costume and putting a cigar in my mouth helped get me into the mood to kill people.”
  • The Smashing Pumpkins song used over the clip reel was chosen because tonally it made sense but also that it had irony.  It doesn’t think it’ll be included the movie’s soundtrack though.

ComingSoon.net/SuperHeroHype.com also had a chance to talk to several of the cast and crew from the film and have provided the interviews for download.  I’ve included the direct links below.

Zack Snyder

Dave Gibbons

Patrick Wilson, Carla Gugino & Malin Akerman

Jackie Earle Haley & Jeffrey Dean Morgan

Billy Crudup & Matthew Goode

Click here for another report from the panel (via /Film).

Comic-Con 2008: “RocknRolla” Panel + New Trailer Released July 25, 2008 1:38 pm

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The folks at the panel for RocknRolla premiered a new trailer for the movie (check it out at this link or embedded after the jump).  Here are some highlights from the panel courtesy /Film:

  • The panel included actors Gerard Butler, Chris Bridges, Jeremy Piven, and Idris Elba.
  • Guy Ritchie was asked if there was pressure from the studio to do a movie that resembled his earlier, more successful, efforts to which Ritchie replied with an enthusiastic, “Yup!”.
  • Piven revealed that he approached Ritchie for a part in the film with the intention of pursuing a role that would be distinguished from his Entourage role.  Previously the only Americans in the script were two black men.

Guy Ritchie returns to his roots with RocknRolla, a crime comedy in the spirit of his early films Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels and Snatch.

RocknRolla hits theaters on October 3, 2008.


Comic-Con 2008: “Bitch Slap” Posters July 25, 2008 1:17 pm

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Three posters from the 2009 grindhouse movie, Bitch Slap were released at Comic-Con.  Check them out after the jump.

“Bitch Slap” is a post-modern, thinking man’s throwback to the “B” Movie/Exploitation films of the 1950’s – 70’s as well as a loving, sly parody of same. Inspired by the likes of “Dragstrip Girls,” “Faster Pussycat, Kill, Kill,” “Kung Fu Nun” and the pantheon of Blacksploitation films, “Bitch Slap” mixes hot girls, fast cars, big guns, nasty tongues, outrageous action and jaw-dropping eye candy with a message… don’t be naughty!

At its core, “Bitch Slap” follows three bad girls (a down-and-out stripper, a drug-running killer and a corporate powerbroker) as they arrive at a remote desert hideaway to extort massive booty from a ruthless underworld kingpin. Things quickly spin out of control as allegiances change, truths are revealed, other criminals arrive for the score, the fate of the world hangs in the balance and they are forced to confront a villain much worse than they ever expected… themselves. It’s the ultimate morality tale as, one by one, they realize the whole “she-bang” was a set-up and one of the film’s characters may not even be human…

What makes “Bitch Slap” different is a “B” Story device that runs throughout the film to illuminate character, backstory and relationship histories not previously revealed. Like the movie “Momento,” these scene flashbacks take place in reverse; so by the end of the film, the audience has a wholly different take on who these women are and why they are behaving so badly. “Bitch Slap” also employs a mysterious Female Narrator who comments periodically on the folly of humanity, the plight of the human condition and the vagaries of life and love through quoting the likes of Dostoevsky, T.S. Eliot, Sun Tzu and even Buddha. Bet you never heard THAT in “Jailbait Babysitter!”

So grab your popcorn and fasten your crotch restraint. With “Cult Classic” written all over it, “Bitch Slap” is the cat-fighting, girl-banging, pile-driving, go-go dancing, bronco-busting, bumping & grinding, philosophy-touting, breast-augmenting, femme-tastic f%@#-fest-fight-fantasy of epic proportions you’ve been waiting for.

Bitch Slap hits theaters in 2009.


Comic-Con 2008: Justin Marks Writing New “Children of Men”-Style SF Film July 25, 2008 12:55 pm

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After the panel for Devil’s Due, where writer Justin Marks discussed the comic book Hack/Slash coming to the big screen, /Film had the opportunity to speak with the writer and he revealed that he is penning a new SF film in the style of Children of Men.

It deals with man’s exploration of the universe. I grew up on 2001, Alien, Aliens, Alien 3 even, are movies that I kind of love, but they have kind of steered science fiction towards horror. I want to bring the genre of space travel back to contemporary science fiction. The movie starts with a murder in zero gravity and goes from there.

Comic-Con 2008: “Saw V” Panel + Teaser Trailer Released July 25, 2008 12:10 pm

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The teaser trailer that Lionsgate debuted at Comic-Con 2008 has now been uploaded online.  Watch it below.

Click here to read SuperHeroHype’s report from the panel.

Jigsaw (Tobin Bell) might be dead, but his traps live on in this fifth Saw entry, which finds the series’ production designer David Hackl at the helm for his debut directing gig. Saw IV scribes Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan return for more mind-bending fun. Dexter’s Julie Benz co-stars in this Twisted Pictures production for Lionsgate Films.

Saw V hits theaters on October 24, 2008.

Comic-Con 2008: Showtime’s “Dexter” Panel July 25, 2008 12:03 pm

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UPDATED 7/25/2008 AT 2:55PM: The trailer has been released on Showtime’s website.  Check it out at this link.

In attendance at the Showtime panel for Dexter were Michael C. Hall, Julie Benz, Clyde Phillips and Melissa Rosenberg.  Kristin of E! moderated the panel.  Here are the highlights courtesy TV Squad.

  • The crowd booed at the mention of Dexter reruns appearing on CBS.
  • Scenes from the upcoming season were screened, including a “botched kill” by Dexter.  He wasn’t sure of the man’s guilt, and that seems to be one of the main themes of the new season.
  • The trailer shown, which featured new addition Jimmy Smits, will appear on showtime.com shortly.
  • Smit’s character is considered a friend of Dexter.
  • Themes of the new season include Family values and the evolution of Dexter as a man.
  • Lundy will not be back this season.
  • Phillips said that comic books would be a natural fit for the show.
  • A Dexter videogame was announced.  It’ll appearfirst on iPhone and iPhone Touch.
  • There’s a “huge shocking reveal” in the season premiere something that Dexter cannot pull back from.

Read the full report at this link, which also includes pictures.

Here’s a summary of the trailer that was shown (via /Film–click to read their full report):

The trailer started off with Dexter getting up in the morning, brushing his teeth, taking a shower…everything that everybody normally does when the get up first get up from bed. As it showed clips of him doing this, Michael C. Hall doing one of his chilling voiceovers said “life is a ritual, hurtful, and controlling”. We see quick clips with familiar characters and also one new face for this series. Jimmy Smit, of CSI-Miami fame, will be joining Miami-Dade Police Department. And this time, instead of working in the law enforcement, he’ll be a rookie hard-nose District Attorney, put in the position to clean up the crime-ridden streets. Probably not the best thing for our favorite killer.

As the trailer went on, I started to notice that Dexter might have done the unthinkable, kill a innocent person. It had a voice over of Dexter talking about how he gave in to one of his impulses and not following “Harry’s Code”. He then went on to say something very disturbing, “If I still cared what Harry thought, I’d feel bad”. The trailer ended soon after that. But not after the words “The student becomes the master.”

Comic-Con 2008: Comedy Central’s “TV Funhouse” July 25, 2008 11:28 am

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Comedy Central’s two-hour panel on TV Funhouse began with a speech by Triumph the insult comedy dog and the panel included Smigel, Dino, Smigel, Dino Stamatopoulos (Morel Orel) and Tommy Blacha (Metalocalypse).  Odenkirk moderated the panel.  Here are the highlights courtesy TV Squad.

  • They showed clips from TV Funhouse.
  • Dough Dale, the host of TV Funhouse, showed up via internet midway through, discussing various aspects of the show and entertained with various hats, puppets and facial expressions.
  • The Anipals made an appearance.
  • It was announced that Morel Orel will not be returning to Adult Swim after the 13 episodes air this season.
  • Tommy Blacha mentioned that Metalocalypse would be returning.
  • Smigel inferred that he may not be returning to Saturday Night Live this season, mentioning that he was barely on last season due to budget cuts, though he wasn’t bitter about it and defended the show when an audience member said everything on the show, save his bits, were crap.

Read the entire report at this link, which also includes pictures.