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Sam Raimi Talks Spider-Man 4 March 16, 2009 2:56 pm

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samraimi-031609At SXSW to show off an early cut of his new horror film Drag Me to Hell, Raimi took some time out to give some updates on Spider-Man 4, the latest film in the incredibly popular film franchise. Details after the jump.

On Spider-Man 4, Raimi tells MTV that while there has been talk of doing a fifth film, he’s at the moment only focusing on only Spider-Man 4.

“The writers, producers and I are working out what the story will be, but we haven’t been talking in terms of Part 4 and 5.” Raimi told MTV News. “I’ve read that [about ‘Spider-Man 5’] also, but right now we’re just working on the story for ‘Spider-Man 4,’ just that one film.

And while Raimi wouldn’t reveal any plot details, he did say that they are “working from all the material in the comic books and nothing [invented] outside of that,” adding “All the characters or villain or villains, whatever we decide to do will be from Stan Lee’s creations or those that came after him.”

Raimi was asked if the story could be written for another love interest in the comics, if Dunst didn’t sign, Raimi said he “can’t imagine making a Spider-Man movie withougt Kirsten,” adding that while the film can be done without her, he’s “hoping she’ll be in it and I’m planning on having a story with her in it.”



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