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Jericho Comic on the Way March 12, 2009 5:26 pm

Posted by Rosario T. Calabria in Comics, News, Television.

jericho-031209Devil’s Due Publishing has announced that they’ve cut a deal with CBS Consumer Products to publish a comic based on the canceled-CBS series Jericho.  The comic will pick up where the series left off and pledges to answer many of the story’s still lingering questions.

“’Jericho’ is alive and well, thanks to the amazing fans who’ve driven us to find new and fresh ways to tell the Jericho story,” said Dan Shotz, co-executive producer of the show. “Josh Blaylock and the DDP team are great partners and have shown a true love for our show. We are so thrilled about this comic book series and the endless possibilities for the future of ‘Jericho.’”

This looks like it’ll be a faithful extension of the Jericho brand as the series’ original producing team of Jon Turteltaub, Carol Barbee, Karim Zreik and Jon Steinberg will be involved with Shotz.



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