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Watchmen Character Profile: Rorschach March 2, 2009 10:28 pm

Posted by Rosario T. Calabria in Broadcast TV Ratings.


The second exclusive Watchmen character profile (discussed in this post) for Rorschach has aired on NBC during the network’s telecast of Heroes and is now available to watch online at http://www.nbc.com/watchmen/.


Motivated by a traumatic childhood and an unwavering sense of right and wrong, Walter Kovacs became the costumed hero Rorschach, wearing a trench coat, a fedora, and a mask with a shifting, mirrored pattern of black shapes on a white background. Highly skilled in physical combat and able to turn almost anything to hand into a makeshift weapon, Rorschach worked as a team with the second Nite Owl until costumed vigilantes were outlawed. Nite Owl retired, but Rorschach refused to follow suit, operating illegally and becoming increasingly paranoid. His journal is the regular record of all of his activities and his increasingly misanthropic musings.

Click the image below to watch the character profile clip.




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