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Olivia Wilde Talks Tron 2 January 7, 2009 2:39 pm

Posted by Rosario T. Calabria in Broadcast TV Ratings.

oliviawilde-010709Olivia Wilde, who stars in the Fox drama House, recently talked with SCI FI Wire about her starring role in Disney’s Tron 2.0, which begins shooting in Vancouver in April.  While she couldn’t provide details about her character or her character’s name (though she did say that she’ll be playing a new character), she did have some things to say about the project:

SCI FI Wire: Tell us about Tron.

Olivia Wilde: Oh, yes! I’m so excited, I can’t take it! It’s really exciting.Of course, I’m, you know, in a total cone of silence here, so I can’t give you anything interesting. But the film will be just as impressive for our time as it was in 1982 for the original. The technological advances have, of course, been enormous, and the effects that we have access to have been so revolutionary. … We saw an incredible advancement in technology with the use of the face replacement in Benjamin Button, and I think that is marking some of what’s to come, and certainly …. in the direction of Tron. Just as far as people being incredibly innovative and taking huge steps forward as far as using technology to create alternative realities. And I think that it’s really going to please people that it’s going to be just as kind of huge and shocking and just as much of a new movie-watching experience as the first one was.And I think it’s great that Jeff Bridges is going to be in this one, too.

Wilde also confirmed that Bruce Boxleitner will be in the movie, alongside Bridges; that rather than shooting against green screens, director Joseph Kosinksi is building some massive sets for the movie to represent the virtual world; and that the film will use face-replacement computer technology which was last seen in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.

Source: SCI FI Wire



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