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Peter Jackson and Guillermo Del Toro Field Questions on The Hobbit May 24, 2008 10:01 pm

Posted by Rosario T. Calabria in Movies, News, The Hobbit, The Hobbit Sequel.

Directors Peter Jackson and Guillermo Del Toro took some time out of their surely busy day to answer fan questions about The Hobbit and its sequel and now TheOneRing.net, who hosted the chat party, has uploaded the transcript.  Continue reading for some highlights.

Which of the actors from LOTR will be back to reprise their roles in The Hobbit and its companion film?

GDT: Obviously, at this stage, the second film is still being figured out-so the actors that have been approached may or not have appeared in the HOBBIT as a literary work but still may appear in the second film as it “blends” into the Trilogy and expands. Therefore what can be said is: Unequivocally, every single actor that originated a role in the Trilogy will be asked to participate and reprise it. If Health, availability or willingness become obstacles – and only in that case recasting would be considered.

PJ: Like Guillermo says, apart from extreme circumstances, we would never recast a character who appeared in the LOTR trilogy. You can read The Hobbit and pretty much see which characters play a part. The unknown factor is Film Two, which we are still developing. If we wished to write one of the LOTR characters into the narrative of Film Two, we would only do that with that actors blessing, and willingess to take part. Otherwise we’d take the writing in another direction.

Will the Ring trilogy get a blu-ray release around the time of Hobbit? or sooner?

PJ: We are working on a blu ray version of the LOTR trilogy with Warner Bros at the moment, not sure when it is due for release. It certainly won’t be this year.

Some asked about the casting of Bilbo Baggins and if Ian Holm is an option:

GTD: The fact that Ian Holm is SO memorable means that PJ, Fran and PB did their job right. We will utilize him in some fashion for sure but the difficulty of th erole will be better assesed after we do the script (s).

Be sure to head to TheOneRing.net to read the entire transcript, which contains many, many comments from the two directors.

Source: TheOneRing.net



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