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Strong Opening Day Performance for “Saw IV” October 27, 2007 6:34 pm

Posted by Rosario T. Calabria in Box Office, Movies, News, Saw, Saw IV.

Opening day box office totals for Saw IV reveal that the film took in an estimated $14.3 million from 3,183 theaters, a figure very close to the record $14.47 million taken in by Saw III last year.

Looking at trends from the other two films, look for a total weekend take of somewhere between $32-34 million for this latest installment in the wildly successful horror/torture franchise.

The record for biggest weekend is held by Saw III, (total domestic box office take of $80.24 million) which took in $33.61 million from 3,167 theaters. Saw ($55.19 million) opened in 2004 with $18.28 million from 2,467 theaters. Saw II, which is currently the highest grossing (domestic) film in the franchise with $87.04 million, opened in 2005 with $31.73 million from 2,949 theaters.

Worldwide box office tallies stand at $103.10 million for Saw, $147.74 million for Saw II and $164.87 million for Saw III.

Source: Box Office Mojo



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