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New Details About Star Wars Animated Cartoon Series February 14, 2007 5:25 pm

Posted by Rosario T. Calabria in Cartoons, News, Science Fiction, Star Wars, Television.

Some news has been revealed about the upcoming 3D Star Wars cartoon series.

MintInBox.com recently conducted an interview with Rob Coleman (of LucasFilms) during the 2007 Imagina event in which he discusses a few details about the series.

Rebelscum.com ran through some of the highlights from the video (which you can view here).

-Currently 15 episodes in various stages of production
-One, almost two episodes fully completed
-Coleman to direct 5 of first 26 episodes
-“They’re looking fabulous, they’re looking great…”
-“Our stuff is incredible compared to what’s out there…”
-Some licensees have viewed footage and the reaction was very positive
-Final assembly of shows is done at Skywalker Ranch
-Rob admits to collecting some trinkets along the way
-Rob hopes to be able to attend Celebration IV

Sources: [MintInBox.com & Rebelscum.com] —  Imagina 2007 : Interview de Rob Coleman & 3D Star Wars Cartoon News



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