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Cameron’s “Avatar” dated for summer 2009

According to the Hollywood Reporter, James Cameron and 20th Century Fox have announced a planned summer 2009 release for the $190 million 3-d Sci-Fi epic.

That puts a 12 year gap between Cameron’s last feature film, the box office smash Titanic which holds the all-time box office record both domestically ($600 million) and world wide ($1.8 billion).Cameron has also been working on another film, Battle Angel which is about a 26th century female cyborg, but he insists he has been devoted to finishing Avatar, which was originally conceived 11 years ago, since May 2005. (The project was originally put on hold due to the enormous effects requirements it was in need of.)

Live-action production on the film is slated to begin in Los Angeles this April, with photography set to commence in August. Weta (Peter Jackson’s effects shop) will be handling the major effects work.

From the article:

He (Cameron) first wrote an 80-page treatment 11 years ago. The film centers on a wounded ex-Marine who is unwillingly sent to settle and exploit the faraway planet Pandora. He gets caught up in a battle for survival by the planet’s inhabitants, called Na’vis, and falls in love with one of them.

Cameron has even acknowledged that if all goes well and the first film is successful, he would like to continue on with a second and third installment (a basic sketch for future stories has already been outlined). Though he stresses it’s not a planned trilogy.

Source: [The Hollywood Reporter]Cameron sets live-action, CG epic for 2009