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Angelina Jolie may have role in Sin City 2 is reporting that Angelina Jolie may be a part of the second Sin City movie, scheduled for release sometime in 2007.

The folks over at caught up with the actress at a press junket and asked her about her possible role in the second Sin City film.

“We talked about it and I read the comic,” Jolie said. “I don’t think the film is being made at this moment. When it’s actually going to be made I’m sure we’ll talk about it.

“It was a funny thing, because the idea came to me when I was pregnant,” she added. “So it was this idea… I’ve been Clover (in ‘The Good Shepherd’), depressed and quiet, and then I was feeling very maternal, pregnant. It was this idea of this sexy, violent and loud [character]… I thought maybe after I’m pregnant it would be nice to do.”

The character Ava in the graphic novel is the former lover of Dwight McCarthy (Clive Owen) who uses her innocence and beautiful looks to manipulate men.