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Redbox raising DVD rental price to $1.20/day

Redbox has announced that they are raising their pricing for renting standard DVDs by 20% beginning Monday, October 31:

“This marks the first price increase for a Redbox standard definition DVD rental in eight years,” Redbox parent Coinstar┬áCoinstar CEO Paul Davis said. “The change is primarily due to the increase in operating expenses, including the recent increase in debit card interchange fees as a result of the Durbin Amendment.”

As a way to gently ease its users into the new increase, Redbox says the current $1/day charge will remain in effect from 10/31 through 11/30 for the first day of all online DVD rentals (additional rental days will be $1.20). The complete statement is included after the jump.

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Redbox begins renting Blu-ray Discs for $1.50/night

Coinstar has announced that they have rolled out Blu-ray rentals at approximately 13,300 rental kiosks nationwide starting today. Consumers will be able to rent Blu-ray Discs at $1.50 per night (+ tax), a 50% premium over the normal $1/night charge for DVDs. The company says they expect to have complete availability across its entire […]

Paramount to end 28-day delay window to Redbox

Paramount Pictures will no longer delay their new releases to Redbox by 28 days, reversing their recent agreement with the DVD rental chain and now allowing for DVDs to be rented the same day they go on sale.

The studio initially went forward with the delay because they felt it […]