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Comic-Con 2009: Lost Panel Impressions

The panel for Lost, which airs its sixth and final season starting next January, featured executive producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse and some stars from the show — both in the audience and on the panel. Here are some highlights from the panel [All impressions courtesy sourced site(s)]:

  • Several season one characters will be back next season, but producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse wouldn’t name names.
  • They also revealed that we’ll see more of Juliet (Elizabeth Mitchell) and Daniel Faraday (Jeremy Davies) before conceding that Faraday is “kinda dead.”
  • “The time travel season is over,” said Cuse, “Flashforward season is over. You’re going to see something different.” []
  • Looks like we’ll finally learn some secrets of Richard Alpert (Nestor Carbonell): “He has a flashback in Season 6 that was described as being “very involved”. Apparently, we can expect to see a lot more of him.” [/Film]
  • With Juliet gone, Josh Holloway says his character Sawyer won’t try to be the leader any longer.  When pressed on his contradiction — after the producers had already stated Juliet would be back — Holloway shrugged it off before saying: Maybe she’ll be this beautiful angel that appears [to him] and he can have this erotic [vision]. (Laughs) [io9]
  • has details on a new Lost viral:

  • As fans entered the panel they were handed flyers for Lost University. Additionally the website is open with a countdown clock that shows enrollment starts on September 22nd. The back of the flyer has a note about Professor Nussdorf needing a TA and the phone number 818-824-6300 is listed. If you call the number you get an audio recording explaining the professor is on sabbatical until…you guessed it…September 22.

More panel impressions after the jump, including details on three more viral videos shown during the panel, plus a surprise guest. Continue reading Comic-Con 2009: Lost Panel Impressions