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Summit Entertainment sets October 26, 2012 release date for Alex Cross + This Means War shifted back to February 17

Summit Entertainment has announced that Rob Cohen’s Alex Cross, formerly titled “I, Alex Cross”, will be released on October 26, 2012. The film stars Tyler Perry, Matthew Fox, Rachel Nichols, Edward Burns and Jean Reno and is based on the best-selling novels by author James Patterson.

In other release date news, 20th Century Fox […]

Universal passes on McG’s Ouija project

Universal has passed on the Michael Bay-produced/McG-directed adaptation of the magical board game Ouija. Vulture reports that Bay and McG will be shopping the property to other studios:

Insiders say that Bay and McG are taking meetings with other studios next week to drum up interest. (Paramount Pictures, with whom producer Bay […]

McG will direct Ouija

McG is in negotiations to direct Ouija for Universal Pictures. An adaptation of the classic Hasbro board game, Ouija has a script by “TRON: Legacy” writers Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz with Michael Bay’s Platinum Dunes producing. “The Crazies” director Breck Eisner was also in contention for the part.

Source: Heat Vision | […]

The CW Orders La Femme Nikita Remake

The CW is dipping into the past again. The network has picked up a pilot remake of the 1990’s action-thriller La Femme Nikita. Beginning first as a French film by Luc Besson in 1990, ‘Nikita’ was then remade as a U.S. film starring Bridget Fonda called Point of No Return in 1993 and then again as a TV series in 1997 running on USA Network.

Continue reading The CW Orders La Femme Nikita Remake

McG Says He’s Making Terminator 5 and 6

During the BD-Live chat event with Terminator Salvation director McG, the director re-iterated his plans to make a Terminator 5 and Terminator 6 (via Gizmodo’s transcript of the event):

7:13: He just announced that he’s making another Terminator movie. Seriously.

7:16: …He said he’s making one after that.

Disney Puts a Halt on ‘20,000 Leagues’; McG No Longer Attached to Direct

Disney has put a hold on Captain Nemo: 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.  The film, which was scheduled to begin production in February, has been halted indefinitely and McG is no longer attached to direct.

The studio confirmed that it won’t proceed with the film for now, and reps for the director […]

Randall Wallace To Rewrite ‘Captain Nemo’

Disney has hired Randall Wallace to rewrite the script for the McG-directed feature film Captain Nemo: 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.  The film will tell the origin story of Captain Nemo, who was revealed to be Prince Dakkar in the lesser-known sequel The Mysterious Island.

Bill Marsilii and Justin Marks previous worked on the […]

Terminator Salvation Opening Day: $13.4M

Terminator Salvation‘s first-day drew a solid $13.37M on Thursday (including approximately $3 million from midnight Wednesday performances) from 3,530 theaters.

Directed by McG and starring Christian Bale and Sam Worthington, the film is expected to take in somewhere around $60-70 million over the five-day holiday frame (Thur-Mon).

The film will get competition today with […]

McG Denies Rumor That Dwayne Johnson Was Cast in ‘20,000 Leagues Under the Sea’

Director McG has refuted a report by Production Weekly that Dwayne Johnson was cast as the lead in the upcoming remake of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea: Captain Nemo.  The Terminator Salvation director told SCI FI Wire that he has never spoken to Johnson about the role and doesn’t know where the news is […]

McG Talks Terminator 5 + New Photos and TV Spots

terminatorsalvation-3-050409Terminator Salvation is still about two weeks away, but it’s never too late to begin discussing the future of the franchise, and that’s exactly what director McG did in a new interview.  As is widely known, Terminator Salvation is the first film in a planned three-picture trilogy.  Here’s what McG told Film Journal (could be considered a spoiler) about the second chapter:

“McG is already looking ahead to the next chapter in what the studio hopes will be another trilogy. “I strongly suspect the next movie is going to take place in a [pre-Judgment Day] 2011,” McG reveals. “John Connor is going to travel back in time and he’s going to have to galvanize the militaries of the world for an impending Skynet invasion. They’ve figured out time travel to the degree where they can send more than one naked entity. So you’re going to have hunter killers and transports and harvesters and everything arriving in our time and Connor fighting back with conventional military warfare, which I think is going to be fucking awesome. I also think he’s going to meet a scientist that’s going to look a lot like present-day Robert Patrick [who famously played the T-1000 in Terminator 2], talking about stem-cell research and how we can all live as idealized, younger versions of ourselves.”

Very interesting. Head on over to Film Journal to read the full interview.

There’s also a new batch of photos (one of which I’ve included above), concept art, storyboard and TV spots from the film.  Check it all out after the jump.

Terminator Salvation hits theaters on Thursday, May 21, 2009. Continue reading McG Talks Terminator 5 + New Photos and TV Spots

Arnold Schwarzenegger Terminator Salvation Cameo More Likely

After an extended will he/won’t he period, it looks like a cameo from Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger is getting nearing a possibility.  In a webcast interview yesterday, Schwarzenegger told blogger Bill Bradley that he has met with Terminator Salvation director McG and that he agreed to be in the film as long as he didn’t […]

McG Talks ‘Terminator’ Ending + Schwarzenegger and Hamilton Cameos

terminatorsalvation-042009It looks like there may be some disappointment at the ending of Terminator Salvation.  Director McG told MTV Movies Blog that because the ending leaves things open for the planned sequels, it’ll more than likely divide the audience:

The ending is indeed elliptical. And it challenges the audience. It’s not a happy little bow of an ending at all. The ending is tough and requires reflection, and in some degrees it bifurcates the audience. You walk back to the car and one person thinks it means this, and the other person thinks it means that.

McG also discussed the much-rumored confirmed/unconfirmed cameo from Arnold Schwarzenegger.  The director insists that Terry Crews’ assertion last week that the current California governor was confirmed to be in the film is wrong, telling MTV “[t]he jury is still out” on whether he’ll return.  Then again, the T-800 will stay play a heavy part in the film regardless of the Arnold cameo:

“This film is largely about Skynet collecting human tissue in the interest of creating lifelike tissue for the T-800, which is the Schwarzenegger character,” McG explained. “And if you think about it, we had to go through a lot of lab rats to get to the polio vaccine. Skynet has to go through a lot of human beings to get to that realistic T-800. Kyle Reese always talks about the T-600 being easy to recognize — a rubber skin, prosthetic look. We’ve got two T-600s in the film, but it’s [about] the coming of the T-800, which represents lifelike human flesh being grown in order to get to that level of proficiency.”

More after the jump. Continue reading McG Talks ‘Terminator’ Ending + Schwarzenegger and Hamilton Cameos