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First look at Linda Hamilton in Chuck

NBC has released a new promo for the fourth season of Chuck and it features our first look at new cast member Linda Hamilton as Chuck’s mom. Check it out after the jump.

Chuck premieres its fourth season on Monday, September 20, 2010.

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Comic-Con 2010: Linda Hamilton cast as Chuck’s mom

This is a biggie.  The producers of the NBC series Chuck have always seemed to be able to get such top-notch casting: from Scott Bakula to Chevy Chase to Kristin Kreuk to Brandon Routh to Dolph Lundgren and now…Linda Hamilton!

During the panel for the show at Comic-Con, it was announced that Linda Hamilton (“Terminator”) […]

McG Talks ‘Terminator’ Ending + Schwarzenegger and Hamilton Cameos

terminatorsalvation-042009It looks like there may be some disappointment at the ending of Terminator Salvation.  Director McG told MTV Movies Blog that because the ending leaves things open for the planned sequels, it’ll more than likely divide the audience:

The ending is indeed elliptical. And it challenges the audience. It’s not a happy little bow of an ending at all. The ending is tough and requires reflection, and in some degrees it bifurcates the audience. You walk back to the car and one person thinks it means this, and the other person thinks it means that.

McG also discussed the much-rumored confirmed/unconfirmed cameo from Arnold Schwarzenegger.  The director insists that Terry Crews’ assertion last week that the current California governor was confirmed to be in the film is wrong, telling MTV “[t]he jury is still out” on whether he’ll return.  Then again, the T-800 will stay play a heavy part in the film regardless of the Arnold cameo:

“This film is largely about Skynet collecting human tissue in the interest of creating lifelike tissue for the T-800, which is the Schwarzenegger character,” McG explained. “And if you think about it, we had to go through a lot of lab rats to get to the polio vaccine. Skynet has to go through a lot of human beings to get to that realistic T-800. Kyle Reese always talks about the T-600 being easy to recognize — a rubber skin, prosthetic look. We’ve got two T-600s in the film, but it’s [about] the coming of the T-800, which represents lifelike human flesh being grown in order to get to that level of proficiency.”

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Linda Hamilton is In Terminator Salvation

CHUD is reporting that Linda Hamilton is officially in Terminator Salvation. The site reports that they’ve heard from a source that the actress, who played Sarah Connor in Terminator and Terminator 2: Judgement Day, has already recorded a voiceover for the film.

News of Hamilton doing a voice over first broke when director McG […]

Linda Hamilton Confirms She’s In Talks for Terminator Salvation Role

Linda Hamilton has confirmed what McG first hinted at last month, that she’s in talks to do a voiceover as Sarah Connor for Terminator Salvation.  Here’s what Hamilton told MTV:

“We are talking”… “I haven’t read it yet. I don’t know what direction they will go in.”

While she awaits the specifics […]