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Comic-Con 2008: Title Change for “Wizard’s First Rule”, Now Called “Legend of the Seeker” + New Trailer

The biggest news out of the panel for the Sam Raimi produced Syndicated series Wizard’s First Rule, was that the show has a new title: Legend of the Seeker. According to the panelists and the author, Terry Goodkind, the name change was made to focus on the hero of the book, rather than the […]

“Wizard’s First Rule” Set for November Two-hour Premiere

Wizard’s First Rule, the Sam Raimi-produced series adapted from the Terry Goodkind¬†Sword of Truth books, will premiere on November 1st in syndication.

“Adapting Terry Goodkind’s brilliant work for television is a thrilling opportunity,” says Raimi, who’s an executive producer of the show. “The amazing characters and heartfelt story combined with the captivating backdrop of […]

“Wizard’s First Rule” Cleared for Syndication

Sam Raimi’s original series Wizard’s First Rule from ABC/Disney has been cleared to air in syndication.¬† Based on the Sword of Truth books by Terry Goodkind, the series will air for 22 episodes with production scheduled to begin in May.

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