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WB Hopeful For Many More Years of Batman Films

During Time Warner’s earnings call yesterday, CEO Jeff Bewkes said that the studio would like to ensure Batman and Superman and perhaps Sherlock Holmes become long-lasting franchises, such as what they have/had with Harry Potter:

“We look at Harry Potter. It’s fantastic to have franchises that last that long. We want to do […]

The Dark Knight Re-Launch: $667,397

Without the help of high-profile Oscar nominations such as Best Picture, Best Director or Best Writing, the re-launch of last year’s highest grossing film, and the second highest grossing film of all-time, The Dark Knight, was modestly successful.  The film played in 350 theaters (+344 from the weekend prior) and grossed $667,397 (#26) for […]

Jonathan Nolan Responds to Fan Outrage Over TDK Oscar Snubs

The Dark Knight screenwriter Jonathan Nolan has responded to the fan outrage caused by the film being snubbed out of several Oscar nominations. Via

“hey — not sure who to address this to as it looks like a collective effort, but I just wanted to pass along my thanks.

It’s truly […]

Will The Joker Return for ‘Dark Knight’ Sequel?

The Dark Knight producer Charles Roven was asked by MTV whether they would’ve done anything different with Ledger’s Joker if they knew the actor wouldn’t be reprising the role:

“We have to separate the actors from the role,” said Roven.

“On a personal level, Heath was a friend of mine. We had […]

The Dark Knight Gets PGA, WGA and DGA Nominations

The prospects of The Dark Knight receiving an Oscar nomination for Best Picture, a feat many suspected a comic-book movie would never achieve, have increased greatly over the past few days.  That’s because the film has received several key nominations by: the Producer’s Guild of America, the Writer’s Guild of America and today, the Director’s Guild […]

The Dark Knight Will Not Be Released in China

Instead of fighting with Chinese censors, Warner Bros. has opted to forgo a Chinese release of The Dark Knight:

“Based on a number of pre-release conditions that are being attached to ‘The Dark Knight’ as well as cultural sensitivities to some elements of the film, we have opted to forego a theatrical release […]

The Dark Knight DVD and Blu-ray Sales at 13.5 Million Worldwide


Warner Bros. Home Entertainment Group has announced that The Dark Knight has sold 13.5 million DVD and Blu-ray disc copies worldwide (US, UK, Canada, Japan, Benelux and Australia).  That figure includes a record-breaking 1.7 million Blu-ray Discs worldwide, including 1 million domestically.

The Dark Knight took the world by storm on Blu-ray and DVD, breaking records for 2008. The blockbuster hit from acclaimed director Christopher Nolan became an instant must-own classic with Blu-ray sales of over 1.7 million units and total DVD and Blu-ray sales of 13.5 million worldwide*, including consumer sales and rental sales, in one week. Brisk consumer sales – totaling over 10 million with one week of sales reported – are expected to continue through the holiday season. The Dark Knight is the best selling Blu-ray title in history and will become the best selling 2008 title overall this week. The response to the digital copy offering included on the Blu-ray and Special Edition DVD has been remarkable with the number of consumers activating their digital copies approaching 300,000. The Dark Knight is already the number one movie for the year on the iTunes 2008 Chart.

The full press release follows after the jump.

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The Dark Knight Sells 3 Million Units on DVD and Blu-ray

In its first day of release this past Tuesday, Warner Bros’ The Dark Knight sold 3 million copies on DVD and Blu-ray in the United States, Canada and the UK. 600,000 of those copies were Blu-ray, the most ever for the format, beating the record previously held by Marvel/Paramount’s Iron Man, which sold 260,000 […]

Academy Reverses Decision on The Dark Knight Score

The Academy has reversed its prior decision (click here to read the original story) that made the score to The Dark Knight ineligible after reviewing information submitted by the affected parties. The Academy’s Music Branch Executive Committe concluded that two, Zimmer and Howard, were responsible for the score.

The score was originally disqualified because […]

The Dark Knight Re-Release Set for January 23rd

Warner Bros. has announced that they will be re-releasing The Dark Knight nationwide on January 23rd, effectively guaranteeing that the film will become the fourth of all time to take in more than $1 billion in worldwide box office.

The Dark Knight‘s box office currently stands at $530.3 million domestically and $465.9 million internationally.  […]

The Dark Knight Re-Release Plans Dropped [UPDATE: Re-Release Set for January 23rd]

UPDATED ON 12/04/2008: The below report turned out to be false.  WB has announced that The Dark Knight will be returning to theaters on January 23, 2009.  That all but guarantees that the film will surpass $1 billion.  Click here for more.

SuperHeroHype is reporting that Warner Bros. has dropped their plans to […]

Academy Disqualifies The Dark Knight Score

Because the films music cue sheet lists five names as composers, the soundtrack to The Dark Knight has been disqualified by the executive committee of the Academy music branch.  Formal letters will be sent out to composers Hans Zimmer and James Newton Howard, two who collaborated on the music, this week.  Their previous collaboration, […]