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Wachowski Brothers Were NOT Offered Superman Reboot

That rumor that showed up on AICN last week about the Wachowski brothers being offered to reboot Superman has turned out to be false.  /Film is reporting through two independent sources that the Wachowski brothers have not had any talks with DC or Warner Bros. to helm a Superman film, let alone a new […]

Wachowski Brothers Taking on Superman Reboot?

Check out this very, very interesting rumor.  AICN was sent in a scoop from a reader who had seen an interview with V for Vendetta director James McTeigue on a Berlin telvision station, and the director revealed that the Wachowski brothers’ next project, Plastic Man (of which he was scheduled to do some 2nd-unit […]

WB Hopeful For Many More Years of Batman Films

During Time Warner’s earnings call yesterday, CEO Jeff Bewkes said that the studio would like to ensure Batman and Superman and perhaps Sherlock Holmes become long-lasting franchises, such as what they have/had with Harry Potter:

“We look at Harry Potter. It’s fantastic to have franchises that last that long. We want to do […]

Bryan Singer Not Involved in Superman: Man of Steel Talks

Superman Returns and Valkyrie (December 25, 2008) director Bryan Singer told UGO Movie Blog that he is NOT involved in any talks in regards to the new Superman film:

Jordan Hoffman (UGO): But there is talk of a new film, though.  Are you officially involved in this talk of the new film?

Mark Millar Talks Superman

Shortly before Warner Bros announced their intention to put the Superman Returns sequel on hold and reboot the franchise (click here for related article), comic book writer Mark Millar hinted at the Warner Bros move (read about that here) and revealed that he has a director and producer lined up for the reboot, should […]

Mark Millar Talks Possible “Superman” Trilogy

Turns out Mark Millar wasn’t just blowing smoke when he revealed that he had a director and producer in mind for a new Superman project, and revealed that things were happening behind-the-scenes in regards to the Superman Returns sequel Man of Steel (which happened to be true).

In an interview with G4, Millar revealed […]

WB Puts “Superman” On Hold; Confirms Reboot

Just a few days after it was reported that Warner Bros. was debating behind-the-scenes about how they should proceed with the planned Superman Returns sequel Superman: Man of Steel, the Wall Street Journal has an article up with Jeff Robinov, Warner Bros. Pictures Group President, in which he tells the paper that the studio […]

Mark Millar Has Director & Producer In Mind for “Superman” Revamp

Mark Miller (Wanted) has a director and producer in mind for a Superman Returns sequel.  Big problem though, Bryan Singer has already confirmed that he’s going forward with a sequel to the 2006 film (tentatively titled Superman: The Man of Steel).  But that doesn’t bother Millar, who is confident that his […]

Brandon Routh on “Man of Steel” and ‘Justice League’

Superman Returns star Brandon Routh, who admits he was never contacted by the studio to be part of the now “tabled” Justice League of America film says that the timing was off to release the film now.  Routh also talked about filming for Man of Steel.  Details after the jump.

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Bryan Singer Confirms “Superman: Man of Steel”

Bryan Singer, director of Superman Returns has confirmed that his proposed sequel (currently titled Superman: Man of Steel) is a go.

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“Superman Returns” Writers Not Returning for Sequel

Superman Returns writers Michael Dougherty and Dan Harris have opted not to return to write the sequel to the 2006 summer film.

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“Superman Returns” Sequel Still A Go, Won’t Be Delayed

The Superman Returns sequel, currently being referred to as Superman: The Man of Steel, has not been delayed. The project was assumed delayed due to possible conflicts in Bryan Singers schedule.

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