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Nintendo Wii/DS First Again for February

Nintendo’s Wii and DS were the top selling console/portable gaming systems for the month of February.

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Nintendo Wii Hardware Sales at 4 million

VGCharts, which is a website dedicated to keeping track of videogame hardware and software sales, has the Nintendo Wii at 4 million sales worldwide. It’s unclear how accurate this is because VGCharts does not release their source. We should soon get a report from Nintendo relating to if they have hit their 1 year […]

Wii Browser Live in Europe and Australia; U.S. Friday [UPDATE]

The Wii Browser (powered by Opera) for the Nintendo Wii (currently in beta) has gone live in a few regions such as Europe and Australia.

It will go active in the U.S. Friday and the download will be free of charge. A final version of the Opera Browser for the Internet Channel is expected […]

Nintendo to replace Wii-mote straps

Nintendo this morning has announced a program that will allow customers to voluntarily exhange their current Wii-mote straps (which are said to be defective, or simply break too easily) with new straps with a larger diameter string.

The original straps measured at 0.024 inches (diameter), while the new straps have a more sturdy 0.04 […]

HD DVD/Blu-ray war heats up and system hardware sales for November

With November out of the way, sales data is starting to trickle in for the Playstation 3 and Microsoft Xbox HD DVD add-on, one front of the High-Definition format war.

For the month of November, Sony sold 197,000 Playstation 3’s in the U.S., while Microsoft sold an impressive (for an add-on) 42,000 HD DVD […]

Nintendo Wii Launch Today

The last of the two new console launches occured today.  The Nintendo Wii has gone on sale for the price of $249.99.  There are expected to be some shortages due to the demand, but there should be a greater supply than what was offered with the PS3.