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NBC switches match up for November 19th SNF presentation

NBC, using the flex schedule clause in their contract with the NFL, has decided to switch the game that was currently scheduled for a new match up.

Viewers will be seeing the San Diego Chargers and the Denver Broncos that night (both 6-2 teams) instead of the previously scheduled and currently sub-500 teams of […]

22.1M watch Cowboys/Eagles Game

The NFL game which pitted Terell Owen against his former team, the Philadelphia Eagles, attracted a 13.9 rating (22.1M viewers) this past Sunday on FOX.

The game was the second most watched program of the week, behind Grey’s Anatomy on ABC (22.8M) .

Another Record for MNF on ESPN

For the third week in a row, Monday Night Football delivered the highest ever rating for ESPN.

The third week game that seen the New Orleans Saints return to the Superdome after the Katrina disaster, and defeat the Atlanta Falcons 23-3, attracted 10.8M households (11.8 Rating) and 14.9M viewers, surpassing […]

13.33M Watch Second Regular Season Week of ESPN Monday Night Football

The contest between The Pittsburgh Steelers and Jacksonville Jaguars drew an estimated 9.81M Households (13.33M viewers), an increase from last week’s first regular season telecast (12.57M viewers for the first game between the Vikings and Redskins and 10.495M viewers for the game between the Chargers and Raiders).

It is now the highest […]