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“Quantum of Solace” Movie Poster

Sony has released a new teaser poster for Quantum of Solace.  I like how this is basically a continuation of the first teaser poster relelased for the film, which showed the shadow of Daniel Craig’s Bond holding a gun. Check it out the new poster after the jump.

A devastating betrayal sends James Bond from Australia to Italy and South America on a mission of vengeance that pits the suave super-spy against a powerful businessman with diabolical intentions. Betrayed by Vesper, 007 (Daniel Craig) suppresses the urge to make his latest mission personal as he teams with M (Judi Dench) to interrogate Mr. White (Jesper Christensen). It soon becomes apparent that the organization behind the blackmailing of Vesper is more powerful than Bond and M had previously anticipated, and after discovering forensic evidence that links an MI6 traitor to a bank in Haiti, Bond immediately sets out to gather more intelligence.

Once in Haiti, a case of mistaken identity leads Bond into the company of the ravishing Camille (Olga Kurylenko), a dangerous beauty with her own vendetta. It’s Camille who leads Bond to a ruthless businessman named Dominic Greene (Mathieu Amalric), who is soon revealed to be the mastermind of a powerful but clandestine organization. Greene is conspiring to corner the market on one of the world’s most precious natural resources, and in order to make that happen he has forged a deal with an exiled general named Medrano (Joaquin Cosio). By enlisting the aid of his many associates and using his vast resources to force contacts within the CIA and the British government into bending to his will, Greene plans to overthrow the current regime of a Latin American country and hand control over to General Medrano in exchange for a parcel of land that appears barren on the surface, but actually houses a natural resource that will make Greene the most powerful man on the planet. But Bond’s mission to uncover the culprit who blackmailed Vesper and prevent Dominic Greene from exerting his will on the entire world won’t be easy, because now everyone from the CIA to the terrorists and even M are out to get him.

Quantum of Solace hits theaters on November 7, 2008.

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“Quantum of Solace” Teaser Trailer

Sony has released the teaser trailer for the next James Bond film, Quantum of Solace.  The trailer will also be attached to this week’s Hancock.  And as expected, it looks awesome.  Check it out below and tell me what you think in the comments.

Quantum of Solace hits theaters on November 7, […]

“Quantum of Solace” Photos

Filming is about half way done on Quantum of Solace, the latest film in the James Bond franchise.  There’s a new report out from the set of filming in Chile, plus several new photos from the film.  Quantum of Solace hits theaters on November 7, 2008.  Highlights from the feature and the images follow after the jump.

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“Quantum of Solace” Gets Early Release in U.K. and Other European Territories

The upcoming James Bond film Quantum of Solace will open in the U.K. a full week ahead of its U.S. bow. Sony has announced this morning that the film will reach U.K. audiences on October 31st. Its U.S. release remains the same at November 7th.

France and Belgium will get the film on November […]

“Quantum of Solace” Plot Summary Revealed

MGM has revealed the plot sumary for the upcoming Bond film Quantum of Solace. Read it after the jump.

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New Bond Film Gets a Title

We no longer have to refer to the upcoming Bond film as James Bond 22. Daniel Craig’s follow-up film to 2006’s Casino Royale has been titled.

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Arterton Cast as Bond Girl

British actress Gemma Arterton has been cast as the new Bond girl for the upcoming, and still untitled James Bond film.

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‘Bond 22’ to Begin Filming on January 3

MI6 has translated an interview with director Marc Forster of Bond 22 in which the director reveals that principal photography on the film begins this Thursday, January 3.

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Potential Casting for “Bond 22” Villian

French actor Mathieu Amalric has reportedly been cast as the villian in the upcoming Casino Royale follow-up Bond 22 (title still unknown).

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Haggis Talks ‘Bond 22’

During a press outing for his latest film In the Valley of Elah, Paul Haggis talked a bit about the writing he’s doing for the upcoming James Bond 22.

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First Set Photos Released for ‘Bond 22’

Well over a year away, the first photos from the set of James Bond 22 (title still unannounced) have been released.

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Hagis Returns to work on “James Bond 22” Script

The LA Times is reporting that Oscar-winner Paul Haggis (Crash) is returning to the James Bond universe, agreeing to work on the script for the follow up to Casino Royale, currently being referred to as James Bond 22.

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