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Warner Brothers Puts Superman On Hold

Given all the legal drama that has occurred over the last few months, this really shouldn’t come as much of a surprise…but it’s still disappointing.

Thompson on Hollywood is reporting that Warner Brothers has put a hold on the development of any feature film based on the Superman property.

Nothing. The project […]

Warner Bros. Wins Superman Court Case

Warner Bros. and DC Comics have come out on top in a recent suit filed by the heirs of Superman co-creator Jermoe Siegel, according to Variety:

In a decision announced Wednesday, U.S. Judge District Court Judge Stephen G. Larson found that the license fees the studio paid to […]

John Malkovich Starring in Jonah Hex

John Malkovich has been added to the cast of Jimmy Hayward’s adaptation of the comic book Jonah Hex, co-starring with Josh Brolin.  According to Variety, Malkovich will be playing Quentin Turnbull, a wealthy Southern plantation owner whose son is killed by Union soldiers during the Civil War. Hayward will be directing based on a […]

Aaron Eckhart Cast in The Dark Knight

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Aaron Eckhart is in final negotiations to play the character of Harvey Dent/Two Face in the Batman Begins sequel The Dark Knight.

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Goyer No Longer Attached to Flash

David Goyer, of Batman Begins and Blade fame, is out as the director of Warner Bros. adaption of The Flash.

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DC’s “Manhunter” Canceled

The critically acclaimed comic book series, Manhunter, has been canceled.

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