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Sony Sets August 2011 for 21 Jump Street; Season of the Witch Pushed Out of March 2010

Sony/Columbia have set an August 5, 2011 release date for the adaptation of the 80’s TV series 21 Jump Street. The film stars Jonah Hill in the starring role.

Meanwhile, Lionsgate has announced that the Dominic Sena-directed supernatural thriller Season of the Witch has been pulled from its original March 19, 2010 release date. […]

Columbia Taps Writer for The Lost Symbol

Columbia Pictures has hired British writer Steven Knight to adapt the screenplay for The Lost Symbol, the third film in the Da Vinci Code franchise.

Knight’s recent work includes writing the screenplays for the upcoming films Shutter Island and The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader.

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Release Schedule: The Social Network Moved Up to October 1st, Footloose Now TBD + more

Box Office Mojo’s latest update to their release schedule page shows that Sony Pictures has moved up the release of the Aaron Sorkin-scripted / David Fincher-directed The Social Network to October 1, 2010 (from October 15th).  Also worth noting is that Footloose is now TBD at Paramount Pictures, after having an original date of June 18, 2010.  Head on over the jump for more changes.

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Ivan Reitman Will Direct Ghostbusters 3; Draft Submitted, Hopes to Start Shooting in 2011

Speaking with MTV on the red carpet of the National Board of Review in New York City, director/producer Ivan Reitman revealed that he will be directing Ghostbusters 3.  Reitman also talked about the general state of the project:

“They have delivered a draft,” Reitman said of the script’s progress. “We are working […]

Sony Scraps Spider-Man 4; Sam Raimi & Tobey Maguire & Cast Out; Franchise Reboot Coming in Summer 2012

Wow.  Here’s a shocker. All those creative differences between the studio and Spider-Man 4 director Sam Raimi have come to a head and Sony has decided to scrap the project and start fresh with a 2012 reboot featuring a brand new cast and filmmakers [via Deadline Hollywood, which broke the story]:

My sources tell me that Raimi told Sony Pictures: “I can’t make your date. I can’t go forward creatively.” And, so, once he said “That’s it”, Sony Pictures co-chairman Pascal and Columbia Pictures’ Matt Tolmach decided they didn’t want to replace him and instead chose to reboot the franchise. Insiders also tell me that Tobey Maguire heard the news in a phone call with Amy today. I’m told Tobey wasn’t upset. “He’s made 3 great Spider-Man movies. He’s done really well. But he’s the kind of guy who, if Sam wanted to go forward, would have been there for Sam and the studio. Absolutely.”

Sony Pictures has issued a press release confirming the news.  Check it out after the jump.

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Thor Moves Up To May 6, 2011; Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides Gets May 20, 2011 Date

With reports of Spider-Man 4 may miss its May 6, 2011 release date, rival studios are wasting no time taking advantage of the situation.  Paramount Pictures has moved up the release of Thor from May 20, 2011 to May 6, 2011.  Additionally, Walt Disney Pictures has settled on a May 20, 2011 release date […]

Harold Ramis: Ghostbusters 3 in 2011

Speaking with Heeb, Harold Ramis revealed that he expects production on Ghostbusters 3 to begin next summer with a plan for release in 2011:

Something’s going to happen. Dan [Aykroyd] did write a spec GB3 screenplay a few years ago, but no one was motivated to pursue it. Now, 25 years after […]

The Karate Kid Movie Trailer

Sony has released the first movie trailer for the upcoming remake The Karate Kid starring Jackie Chan and Jaden Smith.  Check it out after the jump.

The Karate Kid will hit theaters on June 11, 2010. Continue reading The Karate Kid Movie Trailer

Sigourney Weaver Talks Ghostbusters 3

In an interview with Channel 4, actress Sigourney Weaver dropped a couple rather significant spoilers relating to the proposed Ghostbusters 3 film.  Head on over the jump for the details. Continue reading Sigourney Weaver Talks Ghostbusters 3

Spider-Man 4 Casting Rumors: John Malkovich To Play Vulture?

Here are a couple new bits of casting news for Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 4.  Movieline is reporting that John Malkovich is in negotiations to play Vulture.  The site also adds that, unlike previous rumors, Anne Hathaway is in talks to play Felicia Hardy, but, there’s a change from past reports.  The character would differ […]

Josh Brolin in Men in Black 3?

Josh Brolin is being considered for a role in the proposed sci-fi comedy Men in Black 3.  The LA Times’ Hero Complex Blog said that the role would have Brolin playing a young K (played by Tommy Lee Jones in Men in Black 2 and 3) with Will Smith’s Agent J traveling back in […]

Rachel McAdams Denies Spider-Man 4 Casting Rumor

Last week there were reports that Rachel McAdams had auditioned for and was at the top of the list to play the character The Black Cat in Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 4.  The actress has responded to the rumor and is denying the reports

“That’s a total rumor, I have to say,” the […]