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No more Jesse Stone movies at CBS

Variety is reporting that the eighth ‘Jesse Stone’ movie, Benefit of the Doubt, will be the final movie produced for CBS. The latest movie in the movie franchise which stars Tom Selleck, was well-rated with nearly 13 million total viewers — 12.93M —  but the audience skewed old with just a 1.2/3 A18-49 rating/share.

It’s unknown at the moment whether the franchise will move on to another network.

More details at Variety.

  • Ddoyle1951

    the jesse stone series is a great series, and of course tom selleck makes the character. please, keep the series going, it would be sad to see it end.

  • babyboomer

    Let’s not forget that the “Baby Boomers”- not the 18 -49 age group – are the largest segment of television viewers and also those with the most disposable incomes. Frankly, I am sick-to-death of the brainless sitcoms and “reality” shows that the networks keep force feeding those of us who have enough intellect to appreciate Tom Selleck and the Jesse Stone series. I hope CBS reevaluates their decision.

  • A long-time viewer

    The big three networks only gear their programming to the young viewers these days. They’ve forgotten how much of their success was built on shows like Matlock, Marcus Welby, Murder She Wrote, Ed Sullivan, and countless others. All that matters now is pleasing the teenagers with kiddish stories and the young adults with fake reality and vulgar humor. CBS will never go back to quality-based programs because they no longer have quality personnel. But there may still be some intelligent people out there controlling the cable & independent production companies who will continue to recognize the profitablity of giving the main-line public mature, sensible media. Our hope of rescue from the sexcoms and low-class series we now see lies with those can somehow recognize & choose good-taste over the trash we see on ABC, CBS, & NBC today. A “hit” show is no longer identified by its total ratings, but by whether it attracts younger viewers. How sad.

  • Older Viewer with Money

    The networks also forget that it’s generally the “older viewers” who have the money who pay for the cable or satellite that enable “younger” viewers still living at home to watch the shows.  Frankly, if there isn’t anything worthwhile to watch they will simply cut that part out.

  • Blasthoff

    I don’t know where CBS has it’s head stuck, but it’s not where it belongs! Jesse Stone was one of only a very, very  few gems on network television in recent years. It has the quality and a dedicated following of those who have ever seen it. If it “lacked” anything in the way of new viewership, CBS can ONLY blame itself for not marketing the series well enough. Jesse Stone can sell itself to all viewers if the effort is made to direct or attract viewers to watch it a first time. Even the concept of a recurring TV movie as something “special” was something quite unique, special and something very much looked forward to. CBS blew it and now my hope is cable may pick it up and treat it as it should be.