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Fox passes on David Cronenberg’s script for The Fly sequel + Eastern Promises 2 still a go

In an interview with The Playlist | indieWIRE, David Cronenberg revealed that Fox has passed on his script for The Fly 2:

“I wrote a script and at the moment Fox is not wanting to do the project.” We’ve got mixed feelings about this. If the film has to be made, we’d rather it happened under Cronenberg’s watch than some Platinum Dunes-type music video director. But at the same time, we’re sure there are plenty of better things he could be doing with his time than revisiting material he’s already tackled once before.

In more positive news, Cronenberg offered an update on the planned sequel to 2007’s Eastern Promises, revealing: ” ‘Eastern Promises 2’ might happen…There is a script that we all like, including Viggo [Mortensen], and Focus is interested.”

More details at The Playlist | indieWIRE.