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Report: Fox planning back-to-back Independence Day sequels

Vulture is reporting that 20th Century Fox is planning to make back-to-back sequels Roland Emmerich’s 1996 hit Independence Day. Fox would even consider making the sequels without the involvement of Will Smith, but shooting them back-to-back would help things along:

Little is known about the two ID sequels, other than that they will tell a single story, but will be engineered more in the Back to the Future Parts 2 and 3 sequential-but-not-imperative model than like the last two Harry Potters, which was essentially one movie split in two. As our insider puts it, “They’re intended to be fulfilling movies onto themselves — you could see each separately and enjoy them — but they tell one big story.” The fact that they will be shot back-to-back is especially appealing to Smith, who’s sought to spend more time with his family in recent years.

More details at Vulture.