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Marc Guggenheim writing sci-fi fantasy adventure Time Zones for Disney

Disney has hired Marc Guggenheim (“Green Lantern”) to write an original sci-fi fantasy adventure called Time Zones. Here’s how Heat Vision | THR explains the project:

Think of Zones as a race against time merged with a race in time concept (wrap your head around that!). The story is set after an event that causes the world to spontaneously develop “time zones,” described as fractures in space-time which replace various segments of the world with identical geography from the past and future; so it might be 1750 in France, 300 B.C. in China and 2065 in New York.

In this scenario, one man realizes that because time travel is now a matter of geography, he has the chance to change the past and save the life of his wife, but must team up with his estranged daughter to do so.