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Chris Evans says Captain America sequel may not be released until 2014

Captain America: The First Avenger star Chris Evans revealed that Marvel may wait until 2014 to release a sequel. Evans also added that he doesn’t expect the character to appear in any other Marvel films until then (save for ‘The Avengers’, of course) [via The Playlist | indieWIRE]:

“Confirming that he’s signed for three “Captain America“ entries and three “Avengers” films, Evans told us, “They may wait until 2014 until they release the next Cap. Marvel has a lot of balls in the air, they aren’t going to cannibalize their films.” And it could be very expensive for Marvel if Cap shows up in a non-Cap movie. “Out of those six films, if I pop up in one of those [other films], it counts as part of the deal. So if they needed me in a third Cap, and I say, ‘[frick] you, give me $30 million,’ well…they want to avoid that.”

Although Evans doesn’t make mention of any potential date for the sequel, last month Disney — who distributes Marvel films — set release dates for two Untitled Marvel Projects: May 16, 2014 and June 27, 2014. Speculation at the time hinted towards at least one of those dates being set aside for a sequel to ‘Captain America’.

Check out the rest of The Playlist’s interview with Evans here.