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Justin Lin drops out as director of Terminator project due to scheduling conflicts

Deadline is reporting that Terminator rights holder Megan Ellison and Arnold Schwarzenegger want to put the first of two Terminator films in production for the fourth quarter of 2012. That faster schedule has forced director Justin Lin to drop out as director of the project. The reason is Lin is scheduled to direct a sixth “Fast and Furious” film during that time table.

Deadline notes that Lin could return to the project if Ellison and Schwarzenegger decide against rushing production. More details via Deadline:

Lin has been working closely with Schwarzenegger and Ellison to figure a way to end the James Cameron-hatched battle between humans and the cyborgs of Skynet. It would require some effort for Ellison to get the film underway by late next year. She hasn’t got a script and I don’t think she’s even hired a screenwriter yet. She also hasn’t set a studio partner, even though several are interested.

Another point worth noting from the article is that although he has no official involvement, Schwarzenegger has reportedly brought James Cameron into at least one or two brainstorming meetings.