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Fantastic Voyage: Director Shawn Levy considering exit + Will Smith in early talks to join cast?

THR is reporting that director Shawn Levy is considering departing the James Cameron-produced big-budget re-imagining of the 1966 sci-fi movie:

“…[M]omentum on the project has slowed a bit because finding the right cast has proven tough, and that Levy has begun to look at other projects. The situation could work itself out, but sources close to Voyage, which is not greenlighted, say it’s more likely than not that Levy will move on.”

Meanwhile, THR adds that Levy’s decision may rest on whether Will Smith decides to come on board the project. Levy has set a meeting with Smith in the next couple of weeks. If he signs on, Levy will likely remain attached, if he doesn’t, odds are Levy will walk:

“If Smith passes (or Fox can’t make a deal), and another mutually-agreeable star can’t be found quickly, sources say Levy would be inclined make another film his next directing project.”