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BBC’s Spooks (MI-5) canceled

Kudos Films & Television, the company behind the UK series Spooks (MI-5 here in the states) has announced that the show is coming to an end:

Jane Featherstone (Chief Executive of Kudos Films & Television): “It’s hard to believe that as ‘Spooks’ enters its tenth series, the world prepares to face the tenth anniversary of the 9/11 atrocities. It feels like now is the time for ‘Spooks’ to bow out and make way for new spy dramas which reflect the changing world around us.”

Kudos says they’ve decided to end the show while it’s still “in its prime”. The series will come to an end with the 10th season, which will begin airing later this year in the UK on BBC.

Source: Guardian

  • Rob Schmidt

    Ending this show now is at best foolish.  I a United States
    Citizen by birth just became addicted and devoted fan to the series just to
    find it’s been cancelled for no good reason.  Normally in the United States shows don’t get cancelled
    while they are doing this well. 
    The logic of ending a show while it’s at it’s peak is a great example of
    while the British will never full compete with the United States
    economically.  The United States
    would have been far too greedy to cut it’s own throat financially like this;
    and for what.  The programs I have
    seen replace MI 5 are too boring to even remember let alone watch.


    Bring back MI 5!






    Rob Schmidt

    Los Angeles, CA