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NFL preseason dates & times announced

With the NFL labor lock out settled, NFL has released the dates and kickoff times of the 64-game NFL preseason schedule.


The dates and kickoff times of the 64-game NFL preseason schedule were announced today, beginning with five games on Thursday, August 11, including a nationally televised game between the Seattle Seahawks and San Diego Chargers on ESPN (8 p.m. ET).

That game is the first of 11 nationally televised preseason games featuring the entire 2010 playoff field.

The Pro Football Hall of Fame Enshrinement Ceremony will usher in the 2011 season on Saturday, August 6 (7 p.m. ET, ESPN, NFL Network) when the class of 2011 – RICHARD DENT, MARSHALL FAULK, CHRIS HANBURGER, LES RICHTER, ED SABOL, DEION SANDERS and SHANNON SHARPE – takes its place among the all-time greats.

The 2011 preseason schedule was announced on April 12, without dates and times, which have now been confirmed. Since that announcement, the August 7 Pro Football Hall of Fame game has been cancelled and the San Diego Chargers at Dallas Cowboys game has been moved from Saturday, August 20 to Sunday, August 21. It will now be televised nationally by NBC (8 p.m. ET).

The complete 2011 NFL preseason schedule:

WEEK 1 – AUGUST 11 – 15

Thursday, August 11

Local Eastern

Seattle at San Diego ESPN 5:00p (PT) 8:00p

Jacksonville at New England 7:30p (ET) 7:30p
Baltimore at Philadelphia 7:30p (ET) 7:30p

Denver at Dallas 7:30p (CT) 8:30p

Arizona at Oakland 7:00p (PT) 10:00p

Friday, August 12

Tampa Bay at Kansas City FOX 7:00p (CT) 8:00p

Miami at Atlanta 7:30p (ET) 7:30p

Cincinnati at Detroit 7:30p (ET) 7:30p

Pittsburgh at Washington 7:30p (ET) 7:30p

San Francisco at New Orleans 7:00p (CT) 8:00p

Saturday, August 13

Green Bay at Cleveland 7:30p (ET) 7:30p

NY Giants at Carolina 8:00p (ET) 8:00p

Buffalo at Chicago 7:00p (CT) 8:00p

Indianapolis at St. Louis 7:00p (CT) 8:00p

Minnesota at Tennessee 7:00p (CT) 8:00p

Monday, August 15

NY Jets at Houston ESPN 7:00p (CT) 8:00p

WEEK 2 – AUGUST 18-22

Thursday, August 18

Philadelphia at Pittsburgh FOX 8:00p (ET) 8:00p

New England at Tampa Bay 7:30p (ET) 7:30p

Friday, August 19

Atlanta at Jacksonville FOX 8:00p (ET) 8:00p

Washington at Indianapolis 7:00p (ET) 7:00p

Kansas City at Baltimore 7:30p (ET) 7:30p

Detroit at Cleveland 7:30p (ET) 7:30p

Carolina at Miami 7:30p (ET) 7:30p

Arizona at Green Bay 7:00p (CT) 8:00p

Saturday, August 20

New Orleans at Houston 7:00p (CT) 8:00p

Tennessee at St. Louis 7:00p (CT) 8:00p

Oakland at San Francisco 5:00p (PT) 8:00p

Buffalo at Denver 6:30p (MT) 8:30p

Minnesota at Seattle 7:00p (PT) 10:00p

Sunday, August 21

San Diego at Dallas NBC 7:00p (CT) 8:00p

Cincinnati at NY Jets 7:00p (ET) 7:00p

Monday, August 22

Chicago at NY Giants ESPN 8:00p (ET) 8:00p

WEEK 3 – AUGUST 25-28

Thursday, August 25

Washington at Baltimore ESPN 8:00p (ET) 8:00p

Carolina at Cincinnati 7:00p (ET) 7:00p

Cleveland at Philadelphia 7:30p (ET) 7:30p

Friday, August 26

Green Bay at Indianapolis CBS 8:00p (ET) 8:00p

St. Louis at Kansas City 7:00p (CT) 8:00p

Saturday, August 27

New England at Detroit CBS 8:00p (ET) 8:00p

Jacksonville at Buffalo 7:00p (ET) 7:00p

NY Jets at NY Giants 7:00p (ET) 7:00p

Atlanta at Pittsburgh 7:30p (ET) 7:30p

Miami at Tampa Bay 7:30p (ET) 7:30p

Dallas at Minnesota 7:00p (CT) 8:00p

Houston at San Francisco 5:00p (PT) 8:00p

Chicago at Tennessee 7:00p (CT) 8:00p

Seattle at Denver 7:00p (MT) 9:00p

San Diego at Arizona 7:00p (MST) 10:00p

Sunday, August 28

New Orleans at Oakland NBC 5:00p (PT) 8:00p


Thursday, September 1

Detroit at Buffalo 6:30p (ET) 6:30p

Indianapolis at Cincinnati 7:00p (ET) 7:00p

Baltimore at Atlanta 7:30p (ET) 7:30p

St. Louis at Jacksonville 7:30p (ET) 7:30p

Dallas at Miami 7:30p (ET) 7:30p

NY Giants at New England 7:30p (ET) 7:30p

Philadelphia at NY Jets 7:30p (ET) 7:30p

Tampa Bay at Washington 7:30p (ET) 7:30p

Pittsburgh at Carolina 8:00p (ET) 8:00p

Cleveland at Chicago 7:00p (CT) 8:00p

Kansas City at Green Bay 7:00p (CT) 8:00p

Houston at Minnesota 7:00p (CT) 8:00p

Tennessee at New Orleans 7:00p (CT) 8:00p

Denver at Arizona 7:00p (PT) 10:00p

San Francisco at San Diego 7:00p (PT) 10:00p

Friday, September 2

Oakland at Seattle 7:30p (PT) 10:30p