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Trailer for season 2 of FX’s Louie

FX has released a trailer for the upcoming second season premiere of the comedy Louie. Click over the jump to watch the trailer.

Louie premieres Thursday, June 23 at 10:30 PM on FX.

  • Ray

    I think this show is so hilarious! Louis C.K. has really
    worked his style of comedy into the show. I really can’t wait for this season
    to start and I am so happy that it is starting later this month. I missed
    a few episodes last summer and I don’t like falling behind on shows. This year
    I won’t be falling behind because I picked up a Sling Adapter through my job
    with Dish Network and downloaded the Dish Remote app to my phone. That way I
    can just stream the new episodes right to my phone during my lunch breaks. If I
    forget to set my DVR to record an episode it’s ok because I can do that through
    the app as well. It gets even better than that because I got my Sling Adapter
    for Free! I filled out an online rebate and I a few weeks later I got my $99
    MasterCard in the mail. If your schedule is as busy as mine or if you just want
    to be able to have your TV with you wherever you go just check out for all the promotion details!