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Rumor: Superman actress shortlist is for the character URSA + Lois Lane will be in the film

Latino Review is reporting that the “undisclosed” character that British actresses Alice Eve and Rosamund Pike and German actress Diane Kruger are auditioning for is the Kyrptonian villainess URSA. As fans are well aware, the character URSA appeared in both “Superman: The Movie” and ‘Superman II” and was played by British actress Sarah Douglas. Although it may seem like a lock, this report doesn’t necessarily rule in General Zod as the main villain, as director Zack Snyder is on record stating that “For now, it’s just a rumor,” when asked previously about General Zod being in the film.

Latino Review also reports that contrary to internet rumors, Lois LaneĀ will be in the film. A few days ago, Latino Review reported that Olivia Wilde (“Tron Legacy”) was at the top of the list to play Lois. Others rumored to be in contention for the role include: Kristen Stewart; Rachel McAdams; Jessica Biel; Dianna Agron and Malin Akerman [via What’s Playing].

Superman: The Man of Steel (rumored title) is scheduled to begin production this summer with a December 2012 release date planned.