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First Look: The Greatest Muppet Movie Ever Made

Next week’s issue of Entertainment Weekly features a first look at the set of The Greatest Muppet Movie Ever Made.

As you can see in the photo, star Jason Segal is front and center with the muppets, along with a new Muppet, Walter (the one holding an iPhone to the camera). Here’s the synopsis for the film:

The Greatest Muppet Movie Ever Made is about Gary, Mary, and Walter (a man, his girlfriend, and the man’s life-long nondescript, brown puppet best friend) getting the old Muppet gang – now retired entertainers known for the same Muppet show we know them from – together to save the TV studio that the original show was shot in. A villain, Tex Richman, bent on drilling for oil underneath the studio, is due to take over the studio in weeks, and the only way to stop him? Putting on a show that draws ten million viewers.

Click over the jump to see high-resolution scans from the magazine.

via Collider