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The Flash script expected by Christmas + Bradley Cooper rumored for lead role

Deadline reports that Marc Guggenhem and Michael Green are expected to have their latest draft of The Flash completed for Warner Brothers and DC by this Christmas. However, the site reports that Berlanti — who wrote the original draft and has been a rumored pick for director — likely won’t be the studio’s choice to for the project:

No word on who’ll direct The Flash yet, but I can tell you it’s doubtful it’ll be Berlanti, even though his very different Life As We Know It came in #2 at the box office for the studio this weekend. And his freshman TV superpowers series No Ordinary Family is now ABC’s most promising new drama, doing respectable business as a self-starter in one of the most competitive time slots. “He won’t want to direct it because he kinda wants to do something in between size-wise first before attempting something that large,” an insider tells me. On the other hand, “If Warner Bros does like the script and wants him to direct it…

In related news, Moviehole adds that they’re hearing Bradley Cooper (“The A-Team”, “Hangover”) is the favorite for the lead role:

Very early days but, I’ve heard Bradley Cooper…is the favourite to wiggle his way into the cherry tights. Warner Bros loves them some Cooper, and DC is very keen to have Cooper be ‘part of the family’, so don’t be surprised to hear the “Hangover” star’s name mentioned in relation to the role when the shortlist is inevitably leaked.

The Deadline report also notes that the script for Green Lantern 2 is also expected to be in to the studio by this Christmas.

  • It’s no surprise Cooper is in the running, since he was passed over for the role of Hal Jordan.