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Transformers 3 WILL be shot in 3D

Yesterday Screen Rant reported through their source that once production on Transformers 3 shifted to Chicago, Michael Bay made the decision to ditch 3D, all but ensuring the project would be converted to 3D in post. The news of this switch wouldn’t have been all that surprising given the director’s past statements against the format.

However, Michael Bay has responded to the post on his official website and in his typical no-nonsense style, has debunked it out-right and quite forcefully. Transformers 3 WILL be shot in 3D. Here’s what Bay posted:

Who is this moron posting about what I’m shooting with??? People have no idea how hard we have worked to bring 3D filming into live action shooting. We have invented rigs and systems to place 3d cameras like no other live action movie has done before. The proof will be noticed on the final product.


That same thread even included an image from the set of shooting in Chicago of one of Sony’s Pace 3D camera systems (pictured above). So the film is definitely shooting in 3D, although to what extent is still not confirmed.

Transformers 3 is scheduled to hit conventional and 3D theaters on July 1, 2011.