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Kick Ass 2 greenlit? That’s what Mark Millar says

Mark Millar told Radio 5 in the UK that due to strong sales of Kick-Ass on DVD, Kick-Ass 2 has been greenlit:

Hi Guys

Been listening to Mark Millar on Radio 5 in the UK who says that because of the fantastic number of DVD sales of Kick Ass that Kick Ass 2 has been greenlit and will go ahead and be based on Millars follow up comic

Just call me Dixie

I’m not sure what to make of this. Millar has been known to exaggerate in the past (he still claims “Wanted 2” will be made) and to be honest, contrary to what Millar is claiming ,the DVD sales for Kick-Ass haven’t really been all that great.

According to The-Numbers, the DVD didn’t even open in first place. The film has moved a solid, but not spectacular, 737,376 units (or a little more than $16.2M in revenue) through three weeks of data that we have available. Lionsgate paid about $60M for the domestic and worldwide distribution rights plus an estimated $25-30M in advertising. The film brought in about $96M worldwide. If you account that on average a studio’s profit cut of a movie’s worldwide gross is a little more than half, then Kick-Ass probably hasn’t made Lionsgate a profit.

I’m not saying Millar is being completely untruthful…just that it’s probably a good idea to wait until we hear some sort of confirmation by the studio on whether a sequel will be made.

via AICN