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Watch Online Now: No Ordinary Family series premiere

StitchKingdom has discovered an online site which ABC has set up to watch the series premiere of the new drama No Ordinary Family right now, well ahead of its September 28 premiere. The site is located at

It’s apparently part of a promotion and limited to 50,000 streams. Here are the details:

Even though the series won’t see its premiere until September 28, ABC has set up and they’re inviting 50,000 viewers to watch the pilot episode online right now with limited-interruption. Actually, what happened is that a major national retailer that we can’t mention (hint: rhymes with Best Buy) ran an advertisement for the screening which requires a password to view the show, only they made no ordinary typo and so the password printed in the ad doesn’t work. Upon learning this, we immediately assembled a team of a dozen no ordinary monkeys, armed each with a PC and set them to work. Three days later, we achieved success (actually, the monkeys found the password within 10 minutes (they’re no ordinary monkeys after all), but there’s nothing much cuter than a roomful of hacking monkeys — and uh, well, a room full of monkeys also means no ordinary cleanup job, no matter how not ordinary the monkeys are).

That password is: Extraordinary (case sensitive, so use a capital E and lowercase for the rest of the letters).

So what are you waiting for? Head on over to, enter the password Extraordinary and begin watching the series premiere of No Ordinary Family more than a month before its ABC broadcast premiere.