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CNN wants to postpone Larry King’s exit from Larry King Live

Earlier this year, CNN and Larry King announced that Larry King Live would end this fall. But that may not happen. The NY Post is reporting that CNN wants Larry to stay at his show through the end of the year.

It reportedly has to do with expected replacement Piers Morgan’s difficulty in obtaining an extended work visa:

British journalist and “America’s Got Talent” judge Piers Morgan, who is widely thought to be King’s replacement, is apparently having trouble obtaining a work visa, according to several sources.

It is uncertain how serious the glitch is — but it has apparently held up the long-awaited deal to put Morgan in King’s chair by late October or early November.

It is not believed that CNN has had a change of heart about giving the controversial Morgan, 45, one of the most sought-after spots on American TV.

More at the NY Post.