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Cameron might shoot Avatar 2 and Avatar 3 back-to-back

In an interview with MTV, Avatar director James Cameron revealed that he has been talking with 20th Century Fox about shooting the two planned sequels back-to-back:

“Avatar 2 we’re still working on deals. So we don’t start the movie until we get the deals worked out…We’re actually talking about [shooting 2 and 3 back-to-back] that’s not a decision yet, but that’s something that makes a lot of sense given the nature of these productions. I’m taking notes you know, I’m not sitting idle…”

Cameron also spoke about the upcoming novelization, which he says he wants to have done before any one else touches his material:

“…[B]ut really what I’m working on right now primarily is the novel. Because we never, I never, had the chance to get the novel done while we were making the movie and I always intended to and I didn’t want to do a cheesy novelization that was like where you know some hack comes in and just kind of makes #$%#. I wanted to do something that was kinda a legitimate novel that was inside the characters heads and didn’t have kinda the wrong cultural stuff the wrong language stuff, you know all that. And ideally that becomes a kind of bible for any other writers that want to come along and riff off with other Avatar-based stories, which I’m not ruling out. I don’t mind opening up the Universe I just don’t want that to happen until I’ve got more meat on the bones because the film is pretty spare when it comes to a lot of the specific details about the back story, the history, the company, what’s happening on Earth, you know, Grace’s back story, Jake’s back story, all that stuff. That all needs to be filled in before other writers can come in and run with it.”

More — including the complete audio clip — after the jump.

Here’s what Cameron had to say about the upcoming DVD/Blu-ray extended cut of Avatar in relation to the filming process:

“We can bankroll the capture and then go back and do cameras over a period of time. Like we just went back for a DVD supplement deleted scenes, I actually went back and did another day of camera to fill in a couple of gaps on some scenes that were otherwise complete but didn’t have cameras on a couple of key moments so we went back to capture this, almost three years old at this point, and shot it the other day I mean literally like a week ago. You know given that freedom to do that without having the actors present we can shoot them in a concentrated manner.”

Listen to the audio interview with MTV embedded below.  Avatar: Special Edition hits 3D theaters on August 27, 2010 with added footage. The extended edition hits DVD and Blu-ray this November.

Source: MTV