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Breaking Bad’s fourth season won’t air until July 2011

AMC won’t begin airing the fourth season of Breaking Bad until July 2011, more than a year after the third season finale. The long break means the show’s fourth season won’t be Emmy eligible next year.

To offset the long break, AMC plans to produce short mini-episodes of 3-to-4 minutes early next year after the show goes back into production in January. The mini-episodes will air online on AMC’s website:

“The idea is to keep people aware and interested in the show during the long time away,” Cranston is telling interviewers. “But I for one am eager to make these little interstitials important. I don’t want them to be simply filler or recap, but something that actually moves the storyline forward. If we’re going to do it, it ought to be a real part of the larger show.”

Source: Deadline