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The Thing will be fully CG in Fantastic Four Reborn; On hold until after X-Men: First Class

Screen Rant is reporting that the next Fantastic Four, officially titled Fantastic Four: Reborn, will feature a 100% CGI The Thing:

Since there was no practical way to show a man stretching, a man on fire flying and a woman turning invisible those FX had to be done with CG. I can appreciate 20th Century Fox’s desire to make a practical effect but in this case I whole heartedly believe it was the wrong decision to make.

It would seem that the suits in charge of 20th Century Fox have heard the fans’ complaints because I have it from a source inside the Fox SFX department working on the Fantastic Four Reboot (officially titled Fantastic Four Reborn) that The Thing will officially be 100% CG.

Screen Rant adds that the project has been put on hold until after “X-Men: First Class” is complete. That film doesn’t begin shooting until September 21, 2010 (and is scheduled to be released on June 3, 2011).