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TCA Press Tour 2010: Marc Cherry talks Desperate Housewives future

Desperate Housewives creator and executive producer Marc Cherry told press that he doesn’t have an exact time frame for when the show — now entering its seventh season — will end but he did reveal that such an end-date is in negotiations with ABC:

“It’s in negotiation — that’s all I can tell you,” Cherry says of an end date for “Housewives.” “ABC is talking to people. … There are meetings going on with agents and stuff, but we’re just kind of here doing our work.”

At the same time, however, Cherry says he’s willing to hand the reins of the show to another showrunner, especially since he has a new show that could be picked up next year:

“The truth of the matter is right now I’m writing a new pilot for ABC, and I’m just pitching it to the network,” Cherry admits. “So the idea is I’ll be running a new show by next June.”

While he says he would no longer be a major player in the day-to-day operations of the show, he teases the cast and crew “can’t really totally get rid of me.””Basically, it will be how long can they keep it going without me.”

Cherry also revealed that he knows how the show will end:

“I absolutely know the last season. I’m a big fan of the Harry Potter books and J.K. Rowling. I love the fact that she said she always knew the last chapter of the Harry Potter books. I started thinking how I’d end the show literally in Season 1,” he said. “I very much have it all mapped out in my head.”

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