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Comic-Con 2010: First look at the new Godzilla

Legendary Pictures has released an official design image from the upcoming Godzilla reboot. Click over the jump to see the image in full.

Godzilla is being targeted by Warner Brothers and Legendary Pictures for a 2012 release.

The little logo at the top of the image is actually for AR. Here’s how Legendary Pictures describes it:

This week, Legendary Pictures is at San Diego’s Comic-Con International, the world’s biggest comics and pop culture convention, celebrating the beginning of production on their next film: Godzilla. Persons attending the conference will receive a t-shirt with an image of the new Godzilla, and when they look at themselves in a webcam at the Legendary Pictures tradeshow booth, they’ll see a superimposed animation of Godzilla’s “atomic breath” shooting out into the air in front of them from Godzilla’s mouth, complete with black smoke rising from the flames and the ground-shaking bellow of Godzilla’s instantly recognizable roar.

Source: Monster Island News (via Bleeding Cool)