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Comic-Con 2010: Stargate Universe and Sanctuary will return on Tuesday, September 28 + Casting details for SGU

Syfy confirmed today at Comic-Con that Stargate Universe and Sanctuary will both return with new episodes on Tuesday, September 28, 2010. Both shows are moving to new nights, with SGU premiering its second season and Sanctuary its third.

Also announced today: two “Stargate Atlantis” actors, Robert Picardo and David Hewlett, will guest star next season on Stargate Universe:

“If you haven’t already heard we have Robert Picardo and David Hewlett coming back for an episode this year. I just wanted to ask the panel, back in season 4 of Atlantis in the episode titled “Midway” we had Teal’c battle Ronin. And I think Eli is actually going to take on McKay”, revealed producer Robert Cooper.