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Comic-Con 2010: Karl Urban talks Judge Dredd and Star Trek

As previously reported, Karl Urban (“Star Trek”, “Lord of the Rings”) has already confirmed that he is in negotiations to play the title role in the new Judge Dredd movie. Urban was interviewed by Collider and offered a few more thoughts:

“I’ve met with [the Director] Pete Travis, Andrew McDonald and we’ve had a really wonderful meeting of the minds and long story short, they have offered me the role and we’re in the process of making that happen.”

“To have the opportunity to play such an iconic and enigmatic character as Joe Dredd is a phenomenal opportunity and I’m really thrilled and looking forward to getting into it.”

Urban added that filming will begin in South Africa in late October or early November. Urban also talked about the next Star Trek movie confirming that it will most likely shoot next summer, “May or June next year.” Urban is also hopeful that J.J. Abrams will return to direct:

“I haven’t heard anything. I certainly hope so. Knowing J.J. I think he will have a pretty tough time handing this baby off to someone off. He was such an instrumental force of nature in delivering that film and creating those characters and ensuring that the Star Trek that was released was not some vacuous special effects extravaganza and that it was a character driven film. My hopes are that he will come back to the director’s char.”

Check out the complete interview with Urban — transcript or audio — over at Collider.