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Pixar helps Muppets team

The Muppets creative team got some consultation from the Pixar brain trust, reports The Hollywood Reporter:

Some of the members of the so-called “Pixar Brain Trust” — filmmakers John Lasseter, Brad Bird, Pete Docter, Andrew Stanton, Michael Arndt, Bob Peterson and president Ed Catmull — were there for the consultations. Docter is a particularly avid Muppets fan, so he almost certainly was one of the attendees. On the Disney side, Muppets director James Bobin and producers David Hoberman and Todd Lieberman were likely in the room along with Segel. Neither Pixar nor Disney would comment.

In Wednesday’s session, Disney execs clearly were hoping to identify and avoid potential problems before shooting begins. The Muppets movie is not officially greenlighted, and a possible outcome from the daylong get-together might be some rewrites.

This is the second such ‘assist’ from Pixar to within the Disney brand after the studio offered their input to the writing team of Joseph Kosinski’s “Tron Legacy”. The Muppets Movie is currently slated for release Christmas 2011.